Smart Contract 2.0 Tech unveiled by a Blockchain Startup

Smart Contract 2.0 Tech unveiled by a Blockchain Startup

CSE SG announced the next generation of blockchain based smart contract 2.0

The company claims these as Smart Contracts support multi-contractual conditions and multi-industry applications with super-fast blockchain 3.0 technology.

Based in Singapore, CSE SG claims that it has developed proprietary CSE 3.0 technology platform with features such as blockchain foundation, blockchain pool 3.0, smart contract 2.0, supernode cloud, etc. Other use cases include the application of CSE 3.0 to retail payments with super fast speed at a very low cost.

The company trying to solve limitations posed by Bitcoin and Ethereum to scale up the network and the transactions due to slow processing speed, energy costs, high transaction fees, etc. Bitcoin's blockchain network was created to digitally store and transfer value without the need of any trusted parties between the transaction. Back in 2015, Ethereum blockchain platform, also the first to introduce, peer-to-peer smart contracts.

CSE now introduced its Smart Contract 2.0 which can be applied to ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), STOs (Security Token Offerings) and e-commerce payment transactions.

The announcement said that "In the agriculture sector, Smart Contract 2.0 has also been successfully applied to various projects in Vietnam, Tanzania, and Nigeria, that literally "brings food from farm to table" -- thus eliminating the middlemen, and helping to ensure food security, proximity, self-reliance, and sustainability of food supply."
Diagram: Smart contract flowchart for an agriculture application (example)

The company plans to use its Smart Contract 2.0 solutions to improve efficiency, traceability, transparency, and security in the healthcare sector. For this, CSE has partnered with healthcare service providers in Thailand and Korea.

CSE blockchain 3.0 technology can create smart contracts in 60 seconds with the help of APIs. Various other usages of the company's blockchain platform include creating crypto, access source, blockchain library, blockchain authentication for various industries such as healthcare, education, agriculture, retail, supply chain management, energy, banking, etc.

CSE's blockchain platform smart contracts can be created here.


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