IBM set to Drive Cloud Journey for Enterprises, Releases Tools and Services for Hybrid Cloud

IBM set to Drive Cloud Journey for Enterprises, Releases Tools and Services for Hybrid Cloud

IBM has launched a set of hybrid cloud tools and services to enable enterprise with their digital transformation efforts.

The IBM Cloud Integration Platform is offering IBM API Connect, IBM App Connect, IBM MQ, IBM DataPower Gateway, IBM Secure Gateway Service, IBM Message Hub and IBM Aspera on Cloud. All these cloud integration services allow to securely connect applications, software, and services from any cloud vendor.

Along with their cloud integration platform, few other cloud services are also launched to assist enterprises in their multi-cloud transformation journey.

Executive opinion

General manager, cloud integration, IBM, Denis Kennelly, said, "Most large organizations have data and workloads spread across multiple public and private clouds, SaaS and on-premises environments – sometimes as a result of their business process infrastructure, but also for compliance, regulatory and data privacy reasons. The challenge in this environment is to overcome data and technology siloes to quickly deploy new business services and applications with security. Today, we are launching new capabilities designed to help unleash the full power of the hybrid cloud."

Vice president, IT, Tribune Publishing, Sarp Uzkan, said, "As we grow our digital business, moving our applications to the cloud is critical to help modernize our processes and deliver even better experiences for our customers. Adopting the right strategy and migration approach to the cloud needs to be seamless and requires an understanding of our IT landscape. IBM cloud advisory services and tools provided a detailed assessment that determined not only which applications would be best to move to the cloud but a strong business case that would meet our needs and enabling us to explore the best approach for moving to the cloud."

Integration tools and Services

Part of cloud integration platform, IBM API Connect handles entire API lifecycle from creation to management, IBM App Connect simply helps in connecting applications and data across all of your environments. IBM MQ solutions help in moving data across the different cloud environment.

IBM DataPower Gateway intends to enable enterprise with security, control, integration and optimized access demanded by digital transformation of businesses. IBM secure Gateway service provides a persistent connection between the IBM Cloud and on-premises or third-party cloud environments.

IBM Aspera on cloud, a hosted service, claimed to provide data migration in hybrid cloud environments with speeds potentially hundreds of times that of FTP and HTTP

The announcement also noted that the newly introduced cloud integration platform brings these tools in a single development environment.

IBM also started offering Services for Cloud Strategy and Design to their enterprise customers in terms of migration, integration, future road map and architectural services. IBM is setting up a dedicated team of professionals who will advice open and secure multicloud strategies.

IBM is also launching the IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Service, industry-leading security on the public cloud by introducing IBM LinuxONE into IBM's global cloud data centers.  It will provide encryption key management with a dedicated cloud hardware security module (HSM) built on the only FIPS 140-2 level 4-based technology offered by a public cloud provider.

To summarize, IBM in all has offered its cloud Integration Platform and services to advice on cloud strategies, to simplify resource management in the cloud and to provide security for data and applications in the public cloud.

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