Google Cloud Firestore is now Generally Available

Google Cloud Firestore now available to general public

Google on Thursday announced the general availability of its Cloud Firestore, a cloud-native NoSQL database.

Google has been trying to constantly outperform tech giants such as Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud industry for a while. While it still lacks in raw numbers and subscriptions, it is making up by innovating and working hard on new technology and features which will lure customers to use the GCP (Google Cloud Platform). 

Google Cloud Firestore is the company's take at a fully managed NoSQL document database, specifically targeting mobile and IoT centric applications. That being said, Firestore is now available for use to the general public and is a sort of successor to the organization's existing Real-time Database, which is already an integral part of Google's Firebase web and mobile application development platform.

The Google's Cloud Firestore service will be available in 10 worldwide locations including North American cities such as Los Angeles, Montréal, South Carolina, Northern Virginia, South American city São Paulo, Europian cities London and Frankfurt, Asian cities include Mumbai, Hong Kong & Tokyo and in Sydney, Australia.

Cloud Firestore can be easily interacted with using the existing toolchains and supports various languages such as Ruby, Python, Java as well as Node.js. To tackle the problem of network coverage and work in areas with poor reception, Filestore can also work offline making use of Android SDK's capabilities.

Although Google's Cloud Platform will be working on Real-time Database, for now, Firestore improves on the former's performance by providing better scalability options and richer query capabilities, according to a recent FAQ.

With abilities similar to Amazon's DocumentDB and Azure CosmosDB, the customer will more likely make use of the platform on which they already have their cloud workloads instead of making the shift towards a new one.

In the blog post by VP Engineering, Amit Ganesh and Product Manager, Dan McGrath, said, "Unlike most other NoSQL databases, Cloud Firestore supports modifying up to 500 collections and documents in a single transaction while still automatically scaling to exactly match your workload."

During the Beta program, Cloud Firestore witnessed a million databases. The announcement further said that the platform is designed to serve databases in size ranging from few kilobytes to multiple petabytes of data and is capable of delivering more than 1 million real-time updates per second to users. 

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