Google Cloud Services Platform (CSP) Beta brings Hybrid Cloud to On-Premise Infrastructure

Google announced a beta version of its Cloud Services Platform (CSP), a software-defined hybrid cloud offering that allows Google Cloud services to run on on-premise infrastructure.

The Cloud Services Platform (CSP) is based on Istio and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), an on-premise managed Kubernetes service providing remote lifecycle management of on-prem clusters. CSP simplifies building, running, and managing services both on-prem and in the cloud.

Executivie Opinion

Chief Technology Officer for KeyBank, Keith Silvestri, said, "Google created Kubernetes and Istio so they were the obvious cloud to partner with as we look to bring containerized applications into our data centers. Put simply, the Cloud Services Platform provides us the security we need, the portability we want, and the productivity that our developers crave."

In a blog post, Vice President, Google Cloud, Eyal Manor, said, "CSP represents a foundational element of our hybrid strategy, which integrates with our build, deployment, and monitoring tools to provide a modern DevOps environment that accelerates development velocity.  We look forward to building on it in the coming months."

More on Cloud Services Platform 

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on-prem runs on existing data center hardware thus leveraging existing investments and further saving time. It will also mean not committing to any specific cloud vendor thus avoiding vendor lock-in.

In addition, CSP works with Istio to enable hybrid cloud infrastructure. Istio makes it easy to manage the cloud environment by providing capabilities like traffic management, policy enforcement, and telemetry collection. It does so by creating a service mesh.

A service mesh is a software-defined part of an infrastructure that allows a network of microservices to communicate with each other.  Service mesh uses a small and specialized proxy server called sidecar to lookup the address of any other services within the same environment.

Google also released a whitepaper on Application Modernization and the Decoupling of Infrastructure, Services, and Teams that explains Google vision about CSP.


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