DigitalOcean Releases PostgreSQL based Managed Database Service

DigitalOcean Releases PostgreSQL based Managed Database Service

DigitalOcean announced the launch of its Managed Database Service based on PostgreSQL.

Founded in 2011, DigitalOcean is developer-focused cloud provider with a community of 3.5 million developers and a global network of data centers. It has raised USD $305.4 millions in funding to date.

With managed database offering, DigitalOcean will look into the administrative hassles of setting up, maintaining, configuring and security databases on its cloud platform. Managed PostgreSQL service is the first of its kind offering from DigitalOcean.

Executive opinion

Senior Vice President of Product, DigitalOcean, Shiven Ramji, said, “Our product development is driven by one vital question: How we empower developers to do more valuable work in less time. With Managed Databases, developers and their teams can focus on creating meaningful applications and sharing them with their communities, without the headache of having to manage the database infrastructure that enables the process. We do this all with an intuitive interface, full API support, transparent pricing, feature richness and flexible scalability.”

Research Vice President for Data Management Software research at IDC, Carl Olofson, said, "Cloud managed databases represent the future of enterprise data management for most businesses. The best way for any enterprise to get the full benefits of cloud, with its elasticity and pay-as-you-go model is to have databases in the cloud running under managed services. DigitalOcean is specializing in such a service and is thus likely to offer expert service. They deserve active consideration by anyone considering locating a database workload in the cloud."

The Managed database Service

The newly introduced managed database service will provide features such as free daily backups with point-in-time recovery, standby nodes with automated failovers, end-to-end security by encrypting data both at rest and in transit with SSL and provide seamless scalability for the underlying database as they grow, the announcement noted.

DigitalOcean plans to add other major database support iteratively in the year 2019. However, the announcement did not mention the names of to be supported databased as a part of its managed service.

From the pricing perspective, DigitalOcean has waived all bandwidth fees for Managed Databases until 2020 as an introductory offer. Detailed pricing for Managed database service is available here.


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