DigiCert Labs to Focus on Security Research in Post-Quantum Cryptography & Machine Learning

DigiCert to setup DigiLabs to tackle emerging threats

Digital certificate provider DigiCert will start collaborating with leading university researchers and several industry leaders to research and development of innovative approaches to the present and newer security challenges. For these collaboration efforts, DigiCert has launched DigiCert Labs.

DigiCert is the leading provider of security protocols such as TLS/SSL, IoT, and PKI solutions for identity and encryption.

There are mainly two approaches for their research and the advancement of technology on various security challenges.

The first approach involves providing grants to various universities in order to support continued research in specific fields related to newly emerging threats as well as collaboration with other enterprise labs. DigiCert's review of academic and industry research will provide the necessary guidance and feedback will be taken from its customers.

The second approach will largely be based on large, anonymized datasets which will enable researchers to simulate and address real-world use cases.

Executive Opinion

DigiCert CTO Dan Timpson, said, "DigiCert Labs is focused on working with the brightest minds to bring to market innovative approaches for our customers, partners, and prospects. In collaboration with leading researchers and industry leaders, we plan to gain data-based insights into solving some of the most pressing security challenges related to our core competencies of encryption, authentication, identity and data integrity."

Head of DigiCert Labs, Avesta Hojjati, said, "DigiCert Labs will tackle the biggest challenges of DigiCert customers and the industry at large to drive innovation that will benefit companies today and well into the future. As part of this work, we will contribute industry-specific expertise and resources to ensure advancements in cybersecurity technologies and practical solutions to common problems."

"The researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign work on challenging problems related to machine learning, security and privacy, and blockchain," Hojjati added. "DigiCert is supporting the researchers to advance tomorrow's security solutions."

Research Projects

DigiCert Labs has been working on two research projects which mainly involve postquantum cryptography with partners such as Microsoft Research, ISARA, Gemalto and Utimaco. Post-quantum or quantum-safe cryptography refers to cryptographic algorithms that are safe against an attack by quantum computers.

Machine Learning is also used in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The firm says it welcomes anyone who wants to collaborate while assessing the importance of each opportunity.

DigiCert is known all over the world for its expertise in identifying and providing support for web servers. Almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies use their products to keep people secure.

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