KPMG and Guardtime Partnered to apply Blockchain Technology to Business Processes

KPMG and Guardtime Partnered to apply Blockchain Technology to Business Processes

KPMG announced their partnership with Guardtime to provide blockchain enabled transparent, traceable, and secure business processes to their clients.

KPMG is one of the Big 4 consulting firms for financial auditing. The big 4 consulting firms are PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young (E&Y), Deloitte, and KPMG. Each of these firms also provides management, technology consulting and professional advisory services to their Fortune 500 clients.

KPMG provides strategy, assessment, design and implementation services as well as bring a deep industry experience in different sectors such as consumer markets, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and government.

Guardtime builds new digital products and services using proprietary technology. The company provides scalable, industrial grade platform that can be easily integrated into legacy business processes and applications.

The announcement noted that KPMG’s blockchain enablement services cut across the different line of businesses and its partnership with Guardtime will help them provide strategy assessment, design, and implementation services to their clients.

Executive Opinion

Michael Gault, CEO, Guardtime, said, "Guardtime's clients are companies that want to transform their business and win in the digital domain. Partnering with KPMG's blockchain enablement services makes the technology real and gives clients the ability to take them to market across many industries."

KPMG's National Blockchain leader, Arun Ghosh, said, "Our alliance with Guardtime gives clients access to a secure digital platform. KPMG's deep business and technical experience along with Guardtime's blockchain platform drives business transformation in areas that are encumbered with manual processes and where data accuracy, trust, and security are paramount."

More about Partnership

Guardtime brings blockchain platform that ensures immutable data integrity for electronic data as well as immutable process integrity. The blockchain platform also simplifies the compliance, audit and security requirements for organizations that are driving digital transformation.

The partnership helps in addressing complex business issues in the areas of supply chain, data rights management, compliance procurement, finance, identity management, cloud audit, migration governance, and security - the announcement noted.


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