IDEX, a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, launches AURA Node Staking Software

IDEX, a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, launches AURA Node Staking Software

IDEX, an Ethereum based decentralized smart contract exchange, announced the launch of alpha release of their AURA node staking software (AuraD).

IDEX is developed by the Aurora team and it is the first non-custodial platform that offers real-time trading. According to the announcement, it consistently ranks as the #1 dApp in the world by daily users, transactions, and volume.

The alpha release of their AURA node staking software (AuraD) will allow stakers running Tier 3 (Trade History) nodes to earn 25% of all IDEX trading fees proportional to their contribution to the platform. In future tiers will allow node operators to contribute more to the platform and earn additional compensation.
An overview of AURA staking tiers

To become eligible to run Tier 3 (Trade History) node, it must run the AuraD software and stake minimum of 10,000 AURA tokens. As the AURA staking network grows, additional tiers will be provisioned with each tier with higher staking/computing requirements and payouts.

This software enables users to stake the AURA token and run specialized nodes that manage different IDEX functions. In return for decentralizing various “tiers” of IDEX’s architecture, node operators earn compensation in ether (ETH) based on their AURA staked, node tier, and node uptime.

Executive Opinion 

Co-Founder & CEO Alex Wearn, said, “The launch of AURA staking is a pivotal development in the systematic decentralization of IDEX. By incorporating the community into the operations of the platform, we are creating a network that will not only increase transparency and resilience but will also drive more liquidity via a shared focus on the growth of IDEX.”

Any IDEX user can participate in IDEX’s systematic decentralization. There is no strict requirement for running an AURA node. The announcement noted that just by simply opting in to receive trade history from AURA node operators (rather than IDEX servers), they will receive double AURA trading rewards for their contribution.

Here is IDEX Official AURA Staking Walkthrough video,


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