Hybrid Cloud to see Substantial Growth

Hybrid Cloud to see substantial growth

In the mid of 2018, VansonBourne completed research on behalf of Nutanix which took into consideration the willingness and plans of various enterprises for the adoption of cloud for their organization, regardless of it being public, private or hybrid.

The research included various industries and scales and spanned over different geographical regions including North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) as well as Asia-Pacific (APJ) regions.
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About 2300 decision-makers were interviewed globally with a set of questions that included their current solutions, plans in the upcoming years, challenges related to the cloud, and how their solutions fare against other projects.

Enterprise IT teams, who are largely responsible for the execution of a business application, clearly indicated a sharp rise in the use of both private as well as public clouds in the next year or two. Enterprise workloads are set to jump almost 20% in the next 2 years.

If we take a look geographically, the Americas (North and South), reported a 22% increase in hybrid cloud usage in a year, whereas the two-year outlook will have the EMEA region will surpass America's (43%) with the Asia Pacific catching up (39%).

A whopping 97% of respondents indicated quick and easy migration of existing applications is vital if they are to make the jump to a cloud platform. But the need of a hybrid cloud is rising with every day passing by. Only 37% of organizations reported that their requirements were met by the public cloud, with the number going up to 43% for those using multiple public platforms.

However, not everything is green on the other side. Companies have genuine concerns with the increase in data leaks and zero-days vulnerabilities found in the public cloud infrastructure. According to the research, more than 25% of people said that security/compliance, performance, TCO, and management were the most important factors when deciding between public and private clouds.

Snip from Enterprise Cloud Index 2018 Edition Application Requirements to Drive Hybrid Cloud Growth
PC: Snip from Enterprise Cloud Index 2018 Edition Application Requirements to Drive Hybrid Cloud Growth

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To make matters worse, over half (54%) of respondents agree that their organization has difficulty retaining IT talent. Even though the cloud has positively affected the overall productivity and sped up certain tasks, hybrid cloud skills are pretty hard to come by in today's organizations. These skills are second only to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning when it comes to finding the right people. The cherry on the cake, IT vendors do not have the right hybrid cloud solutions, thereby forcing experts to make use of legacy technologies.

It should, therefore, not come as a complete surprise with nearly 91% of experts identifying the hybrid cloud as the ideal cloud model with almost 97% focusing on app mobility as the primary requirement.

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