Hashgard Public Blockchain TestNet launched

Hashgard Public Blockchain TestNet launched

Hashgard blockchain project has launched its next-generation digital financial public chain test network.

Hashgard claims to be a new generation of a digital financial public chain which is capable of providing the infrastructure for the decentralized digital financial field. It can be leveraged fund management, trust, insurance, custody, and asset management institutions.

Hashgard is funded by Fenbushi Capital, BKFUND and more than 80 institutional investors, including Frees Fund, JRR Crypto, 8 Decimal Capital, Gobi Partners, and Vechain Foundation.

Hashgard named its TestNet as SIF (Sif) which include some basic functions such as the public chain browser, web wallet, and token transfers, block producing and equity mortgage, etc. Hashgard TestNet claimes to process up to 3000 TPS allowing large-scale operations on the public blockchain platform

The first testnet sif-1000 kickedoff at 16:00 hrs on  27th December 2018. BKFUND, IRISNetwork, CoinMex, and MexDM participated in the launch of TestNet as the initial validators.

Hashgard ecological System from Whitepaper
PC: snip from Hashgard whitepaper

Hashgard has listed below features of TestNet:

1. Use the Bech32 coding format to distinguish between the normal address, the validator address, the consensus address, and the corresponding public key.
2. Use tendermint as a consensus engine to provide stable and efficient transaction processing capabilities.
3. The user can obtain test tokens from faucet, run the validator node or participate as a delegator in the consensus.
4. Initiate a proposal by staking GARD, and validators could vote on the proposal to achieve governance on-chain.
5. Provides LCD service to facilitate data exchange on-chain.
6. TestNet blockchain browser launched.

According to the announcement, Hashgard will further improve by further adding modules and features such as cross-chain transfer.

Test the web browser: https://www.gardplorer.io/home
The test network code is available at Github: https://github.com/hashgard/hashgard

Hashgard public blockchain whitepaper is available here.


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