HashCash offers Blockchain Solutions for Mutual Funds in Australia

HashCash offers Blockchain Solutions for Mutual Funds in Australia

HashCash Consultants have started offering their Blockchain based investment management solution for Mutual Fund industry in Australia.

The company noted in the announcement that the Australian fund industry is likely to grow from strength to strength driven by a sophisticated investor base, an efficient financial system, and the development of cutting-edge investment products.

To allow Mutual Funds to issues securities, HasCash offers customized securities trading exchange platform capable of serving order types such as Market, Limit, Stop loss, Basket trading, Margin, Futures, Options and etc. These customized exchanges use the distributed ledger technology and allow real-time reconciliation of titles. The company provides private blockchain network for its clients which is capable of tokenizing the security titles. The exchange then communicates with blockchain network in managing the dynamic allocation of the Titles of the securities as trading happens on those custom exchanges.

The blockchain platform is tamperproof and records cannot be altered that easily. The same technology is used by HasCash to store and update investment portfolios. Each transaction is always validated by smart contracts.

Executive Opinion

MD of HashCash Consultants,  Raj Chowdhury, said, "Low-cost stock and options trading with the highest privacy and security is now possible with HashCash's Securities Trading Platform. You can on-board accredited investors on your exchange through an automated validation process. Moreover, users will have advanced analytics and risk management modules at their disposal, such as a dynamic doughnut and other charts. For example, one can click a sector on the chart and the chart adjusts to show the sector composition based on market cap."

The announcement noted that mutual fund assets market valuation is US$1.6 trillion while alternative assets markets are worth US$275 billion.

The HashCash technology makes onboarding clients, a hassle-free process. It also helps in streamlining management of model portfolios, expedite settlement of trades, and alleviate compliance burdens entailing anti-money laundering (AML) and Know your customer (KYC) processes. The blockchain technology has the ability to enhance or eliminate ACH and ACAT functions and further reduce operational costs thereby enhancing overall customer experience.


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