Europe's Licensed Crypto Exchange Covesting Announces Fiat Gateway

Europe's Licensed Crypto Exchange Covesting Announces Fiat Gateway

Covesting announced its fiat gateway and cryptocurrency converter. Covesting is one of the licensed European-based digital currency exchanges. The development may boost the confidence of the traditional market investors to invest in crypto / digital assets market.

In Europe, Covesting is building fully compliant and licensed digital asset exchange along with copy-trading platform, aggregated order book, and fiat/crypto gateway. Covesting launched its ICO in late 2018 with ERC20 COVESTING Token (COV) built on Ethereum blockchain to be used by the members within the COVESTING platform. Thus, demand for (COV) correlates with the trading volume and activity on the platform.

On the launch of fiat gateway and cryptocurrency converter, Covesting's Founder and CEO, Dmitrij Pruglo, said, "The launch of a fiat gateway is yet another step towards our ultimate goal of being the most complete, secure and transparent cryptocurrency platform in the industry. Allowing retail and institutional clients to legally exchange fiat into crypto automatically gives Covesting an edge and puts us among very few exchanges who offer such a solution. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of crypto-crypto exchanges out there, but few who offer a legally compliant bridge between crypto and the traditional world of finance. We will continue to monitor the market and adapt to the new reality while offering the most demanded tools for our users."

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Covesting has started accepting EUR deposits via wire transfers and it is possible now to instantly buy or sell BTC for EUR in from Covesting Wallet.

In the coming weeks, other options for fiat withdrawals/deposits along with the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies will be also available in stages.

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