Ethereum Smart Contract Security Auditing Platform is Launched

Trustlook has launched a free smart contract auditing service to audit smart contract. The newly launched tool called Smart Contract Insight (SCI) helps in decompling smart contract EVM bytecode into human readable form.

The tool inspects the bytecode for common vulnerabilities of smart contracts. One can specify your EVM bytecode either by providing smart contract Address or with Copy/Paste in the online tool.

The announcement notes that TrustLook conducted a survey and found that over 2 million smart contracts built and deployed on the Ethereum network, but over 80% were published as unreadable low-level byte-code. For an average developer, it is very difficult to analyze the contents of these smart contracts. Such a situation leads to the use of unreliable and insecure contracts.

Trustlook solves this problem with the help of its Smart Contract Insight (SCI) tool that decompiles unreadable smart contract byte-code into Solidity, a familiar and readable high-level language.

Trustlook Smart Contract Insight - Ethereum EVM Smart Contract Online Decompiler

The announcement said, "There currently exists no product on the market which matches SCI in maturity or capability. Additionally, the decompiler has been released for free online use, which will allow developers a convenient tool for analyzing previously opaque smart contracts. Trustlook is hopeful that in the process of using SCI, community developers will also improve the quality and security of the Ethereum Network."

The security of smart contracts is critical since they may not be altered once deployed. Accordingly, the ability to audit smart contracts is necessary to ensure their security, as their bugs can directly cause thousands or millions of dollars in damages to digital currency exchanges and users.

It is critical that integrity of smart contracts is maintained on blockchain networks and these should not be altered once deployed. Considering heavy monetary transactions happening on top of smart contracts (mostly due to ICO), their security is of topmost importance. Any defects in the smart contract may result in the loss of huge money.

Trustlook made this tool available for free to the community.


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