Ardor Blockchain Platform Offers Java based Ignis Lightweight Smart Contracts

Ardor Blockchain Platform Offers Java based Ignis Lightweight Smart Contracts

Jelurida, the Blockchain Software company, recently announced their smart contract life cycle management framework to integrate enterprise systems with their blockchain software.

Jelurida enables enterprises to adopt and develop Blockchain applications using the Nxt and Ardor technologies. Ardor platform based Ignis Lightweight Contracts are coded in Java and uses two-step deployment process minimizing data stored in smart contracts and at the same time provide maximum data security.

According to the announcement, trigger transaction serves input data to Ignis Lightweight Contracts process and the output results are registered on the blockchain. Thus, the whole process of upgrading a smart contract is simplified just by deploying a new version of the code and updating future trigger transactions. Ignis Lightweight Contracts do not store any state information, like token balances, and hence it is now possible to develop apps that interface between external data sources and the Ardor blockchain. Ignis smart contract can now serve as a secure bridge between legacy systems and the blockchain.

Ignis Lightweight Smart Contracts

Innovative "hashed secret" solution along with the security framework elevates the level of confidence in financial and data security while using the Ardor platform's public distributed ledger. Security framework allows ease of deployments for verification and approval nodes to replicate contract calculations and outputs of the executing account. Jelurida's "hashed secret" solution ensures funds are never permanently locked in an Ignis Lightweight Contract if a contract fails to trigger.

Jelurida also activated Asset Properties and the Max Property Group (MPG) child chain. Asset Properties allows linking asset relationships and asset states on blockchain simplifying supply chain processes. KYC / AML verified users of Max Property Group will have on-chain real estate and investments.

The Max Property Group (MPG) child chain is the Ardor platform's most distinct real-world use case. The new guidance demonstrates three simple steps for tokenizing an agricultural supply chain.


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