Oracle Introduces Cloud Native Framework

Oracle Introduces Cloud Native Framework

Oracle has announced the Oracle Cloud Native Framework. Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud-native services including Oracle Functions are part of Oracle Cloud Native Framework.

Oracle Functions service is based on open source Fn project. This serverless service is Docker container-based and completely pay-per-use. Charges are incurred only when functions are run. Fully managed Oracle function service is capable of running on-premises or on any cloud.

Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment is a bundle of open source Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects. These projects are tested for interoperability and enterprise-grade deployments, Oracle said.

Cloud native computing foundation stack avoids cloud vendor lock-in as applications built on the Oracle Cloud Native Framework are portable to any cloud vendor that support Kubernetes conformant environment.

The Oracle Cloud Native Framework extends to public cloud, on-premises, and hybrid cloud deployment models. It includes Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry, and Oracle Container Pipelines services.

Few new cloud-native services cover three critical Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud-native layers viz. Application Definition & Development, Provisioning and Observability & Analysis. These three layers cover mostly Oracle Functions for serverless use cases, Streaming services for use cases such as IoT, security and supply chain generating a huge amount of real-time data, Resource Manager to provision all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources and services, Monitoring services for cloud resources and reporting purpose.
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Executive Opinion:

Executive Vice President, Product Development, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,  Don Johnson, said, “With the growing popularity of the CNCF as a unifying and organizing force in the cloud-native ecosystem and organizations increasingly embracing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud models, developers should have the flexibility to build and deploy their applications anywhere they choose without the threat of cloud vendor lock-in. Oracle is making this a reality,”

Oracle said that the Oracle Cloud Native Framework support both cloud-native and traditional applications. It went on to add that its new enterprise-grade platform can be utilized for managed services, curated OSS, and sustainable strategy.

With this announcement, Oracle is the only major cloud provider to deliver and support a unified cloud-native solution, on-premise, public cloud (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) with seamless, bi-directional portability of cloud-native applications. Oracle further added that the enterprise-grade platform can be leveraged for sustainable strategy, managed services, and curated OSS.


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