Juniper Buys Multi-cloud vendor HTBASE

Juniper Buys Multi-cloud vendor HTBASE

Juniper announced its intention to acquire HTBASE. Financial terms and conditions pertaining to the acquisition are not disclosed.

HTBASE has designed the Juke infrastructure platform layer of computing, networking, and storage across public and private clouds as well as the edge. This design simplifies management of multi-cloud environment and ease of application migration across multiple cloud environments. It makes the underlying infrastructure transparent to the application and does not tie an application to the specific cloud vendor. This is a huge advantage if we consider vendor lock-in with the specific cloud vendor.

Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks, Rami Rahim, said, “Companies are moving more workloads from on-premises to the cloud to keep up with the need for agility and more flexibility. It’s up to us to make this transition not only achievable but more importantly, to focus on making the move to the multi-cloud simple. Juniper is betting big on multi-cloud and the momentum is mounting every day. Together with HTBASE, we have an opportunity to shape a new and emerging market that will deliver significant value with a unique line of products to customers worldwide.”

In a blog post, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Juniper Networks, Bikash Koley, said, "HTBASE has built a highly unique and disruptive platform for the multi-cloud arena. They have built a software-only, composable infrastructure solution capable of abstracting the underlying resources needed to power applications. By making the infrastructure layer (compute, storage, and networking) transparent to the applications, their Juke platform allows enterprises to easily migrate workloads across infrastructure stacks, from public or private cloud to other public or private cloud."

Juniper has a strong network and computes orchestration capabilities in its Contrail Enterprise Multicloud and Contrail Edge Cloud. This acquisition will help Juniper bring multicloud storage capabilities to its platform.

The acquisition is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2018.


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