Huawei Adds Blockchain Service to Huawei Cloud Platform

 Huawei Adds Blockchain Service to Huawei Cloud Platform

Huawei cloud launched its Blockchain Service (BCS). It was first launched in China on October 10th, 2018.

Huawei and Other cloud players 

Every cloud service provider is now recognizing deployment challenges associated with blockchain ecosystem and trying to solve the same by providing automated infrastructure. These blockchain deployments are mostly targetted towards enterprises and often categorized as private or permissioned blockchain. Companies are interested in blockchain technologies due to its inherent characteristics such as decentralization, tamper resistance, and traceability.

Huawei joined Hyperledger in the year 2016. Hosted by Linux Foundation, Hyperledger is the most influential open source project in the blockchain field. Huawei is key maintainer and contributor for two Hyperledger sub-projects viz. Fabric and STL. Huawei is also the only maintainer from Asia in these sub-projects, claims the announcement.

Amazon provides its own blockchain service on top of AWS, Microsoft also provides blockchain workbench while Google recently joined the league with its blockchain offerings announced at Google Next18 summit. In November 2018, last month, Microsoft announced the Blockchain Development Kit, built on Microsoft’s serverless technologies.

Huewai cloud can be used for data transactions, identity authentication, proof of information (such as real estate and education), remote healthcare, food source tracing, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and IoT device management.

Key Features

Huawei cloud now started offering its technical support to blockchain solution and application developers in order to promote its own blockchain platform. HUAWEI  Blockchain Service (BCS) has the following advantages:

Open and easy to use - Built-in compliance with Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 and Kubernetes, featuring a simple configuration, deployment in minutes, and automatic multi-angle E2E O&M

Flexible and efficient - Multiple efficient consensus algorithms (5,000+ TPS) and flexible switching, dynamic joining or quitting of multi-role nodes and members, and container-based physical resource management

Cost-effective - Lower development and deployment costs, pay-per-use convenience, reduced O&M costs with unified management, and auto-scaling and upgrade/rollback on demand

Robust security and privacy protections - Complete management and isolation of users, keys, and permissions; multi-layer encryption and privacy assurance; fully demonstrated cyber security infrastructure

On Blockchain Service portal, Huewai Cloud is offering free Professional edition until Dec 31, 2018.


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