How AI can Help with Healthcare

How AI can help with healthcare

AI is improving at a rapid pace, using various advancements in technologies such as cloud computing, IoT and machine learning helping doctors develop smart tools

There is a great need in the healthcare sector to identify patterns, regressions and learn from past records. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play since it can work on these data types without any problems opposed to a human brain.

Assisted Surgeries

Robots are increasingly used in microsurgeries these days. Since there are areas where the humans cannot operate upon, robots can easily use AI to help reduce the variation by collecting and integrating data into their processes, thus overall reducing the cost and favoring outcomes.

Most of the robots used in surgery are used as autonomous bots which perform certain actions smoother than humans can. The main reason why robots are used is to reduce the tissue trauma associated with open surgery. AI helps the surgery be done with more precision, miniaturization, smaller incisions and decreased blood loss, thereby making it less painful.

Virtual Nursing Assistants

VNA are bots that are used to take care of patients. They are experts in replicating human behavioral patterns as well as perform a wide range of activities such as providing vital information, issuing hospital discharge instructions and coaching patients.

They are designed to be empathetic whenever a patient asks about his/her medical condition and can help patients live a proactive lifestyle. This is achieved by placing the patients in control of minute details such as heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and various other things.

Helping with Diagnosis

AI is known to deal with huge amount of data without any problems or bottlenecks. This lets it manage medical information more than any warehouse or human can. Therefore every symptom and treatment can be easily accessed using software to recognize the disease, irrespective of whether it is genetic or natural.

Since AI can effectively store data and remember patterns used in the analysis phase, it can make the process of diagnosis much easier.

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