Google Plans to make Hong Kong and Jakarta new GCP Hubs

Google plans to make Hong Kong and Jakarta new GCP Hubs

In just a matter of 6 months, Google Cloud has expanded the number of GCP regions in the Asia Pacific from three to six.

The addition of each region will lead to a lower latency to each of its customer which will translate to a reduction in the response time from the servers.

It has recently opened its sixth APAC region in Hong Kong and has plans to build another one in Jakarta, Indonesia in the upcoming future.

Specially designed for Hong Kong

Google's Hong Kong business is open as of now. This is the eighteenth overall and is located to provide faster access to applications which are making use of Google's Cloud solution in the Hong Kong and Southeast Asian region.

A recent whitepaper published by Google Hong Kong indicates that around 54% of the Island nations resident is planning to launch products which will ultimately work on a cloud computing platform.

The Hong Kong GCP region is, therefore, designed to support the upcoming wave of customers in the area. It will have three availability zones, each of which helps customers to distribute workloads and storages to enable quick response time.

GCP Customer Opinions

The Group Chief Information Officer, HSBC, Darryl West said, "We’ve made a decision on applications hosting to partner with Google on building some next-gen applications in the full Google stack, top to bottom using Google tools, which is a big departure from our previous architecture. It’s very exciting because I think we’ve got the confidence that the tools they have are going to be great for productivity with developers."

Organizations or people making use of a hybrid cloud can integrate their new and existing deployments using the regional partner ecosystem as well as two dedicated interconnect points of presence.

Another GCP customer, Chief Technology Officer, and Co-Founder at Klook, Bernie Xiong, said, "Google Cloud remains to be a strong partner in Klook’s continuous growth. By using Google big data and analytics, we have been able to draw insights from our data so we can provide better services to travelers worldwide instead of spending time on infrastructure."

The launch definitely brings with itself speedier access to GCP products and services. The latency for end users is said to be improved by up to a staggering 14ms. Also, customers who are using GCP in Vietnam and the Philippines will also see a benefit of up to 25-30% in latency.

Google has made it possible for end users to see how quickly you can access the Hong Kong region. Visit to check your speed and latency. If you are thinking about using services which are not yet available in the region, don't worry, you can gain access to those using the Google Network.

Google is planning to open it's GCP region in Jakarta, Indonesia and has plans to expand to Osaka, Japan. Jakarta region will be eight regions in Asia Pacific Hong Kong, Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore, Taiwan, and Tokyo.

The availability of various services and regions can be checked by visiting their location page.

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