Druva Cloud Platform announces Advanced Disaster Recovery for AWS Workloads

Druva Cloud Platform announces Advanced Disaster Recovery for AWS Workloads

Druva Inc., a cloud data protection and management company, recently announced updates to its Druva CloudRanger and data protection solution for AWS Workloads, which includes the industry's first advanced automated disaster recovery, legal-hold, and file level search. All these features are part of the Druva Cloud Platform and are supposed to help enable businesses to utilize the AWS cloud environments against data lifecycle as well as rapidly plan a response to legal data inquiries.

“The needs of today’s businesses, increasingly taking place in the cloud, have surpassed the capabilities of yesterday’s on-premises systems,” said David Gildea, vice president of product and general manager, Druva CloudRanger. “With growing data footprints, Druva CloudRanger automated disaster recovery, governance, and deep level searches bring AWS users powerful control and manageability in a scalable, reliable SaaS solution. These enhancements will ensure enterprises achieve both business continuity and reduce the risks of their data in the cloud.”

Let us take a look at the new features Druva has to offer:

Automated Disaster Recovery:

Whenever we talk about disaster recovery, the traditional model includes a high level of complexity, testing, administration and cost which ensure that business-critical applications run without any kind of interruptions.

Druva's new disaster recovery system enables organizations to easily replicate and clone the whole AWS account across regions. It also helps create recovery plans in a way which will prove to be cost-effective and efficient at the same time. This will directly translate to enhanced productivity.

File Search:

Druva CloudRanger fule search will help organizations scour through 100s and 1000s of TBs of data through all of the companies AWS accounts, as well as perform a search in snapshots.
This will probably be useful whenever a case of compliance and enforcing retention comes into play.

Data Governance:

Organizations which work with specific compliance requirements, for example, GDPR, now have the option to easily search through thousands of snapshots which help save them a vast amount of time and take effective actions. It also helps automate the identification, collection, and preservation of targeted data across various cloud workloads, all while maintaining integrity and chain of custody throughout the legal process.

“We strategically select vendors based on their ability to exceed market expectations and customer satisfaction, which is why we’re delighted to partner with Druva CloudRanger,” said Lewis Franklin, cloud engineer, Zebra. “With automated disaster recovery, we can now ensure continuity and resolve production issues by cloning an entire VPC and recreating it as a development environment where developers can address issues without impacting production workloads. This is an invaluable ability and ensures we can run our business with minimal disturbances.”

Druva CloudRanger automated disaster recovery is available to everyone as we speak, while CloudRanger legal hold and file level search are currently available to early access customers with a planned public availability in Q1 2019.

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