Domo Platform Launches a New Data Science Suite

Domo Platform Launches a New Data Science Suite

Domo Platform launched a New Data Science Suite to Deliver Advanced Data Insights to Business Decision Makers. Domo is the provider of the leading cloud-based operating system for business.

With Domo platform, this new Data Science Suite offers in-product functionality with new R and Python scripting action tiles and data science action tiles. This offering also packages consulting services for the data science processes.

The R and Python Scripting Action Tiles enable advanced users to embed their custom scripts into Domo platform using Magic ETL. Magic ETL is Domo’s user-friendly tool that simplifies the process of automatically updating, cleansing, combining and transforming business data through a highly visual drag-and-drop interface, the announcement noted.

The Data Science Action Tiles address data science functions including classification, clustering, forecasting, multivariate outliers, outlier detection, and predictions. These functions provide insights to decision makers.

Data Science Consulting Services offering utilizes a team of expert data scientists, statisticians, data architects and data engineers with diverse professional and academic backgrounds to assist customers in using data to gain actionable insights and predictions that support their specific business needs.

The data science suite builds on Mr. Roboto's artificial intelligence (AI), including machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics capabilities. It delivers more advanced insights, recommendations, and alerts for business decision makers

Mr. Roboto is a set of capabilities in the Domo platform that leverage artificial intelligence (AI), including machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics, to power more advanced insights, recommendations, and alerts for business decision makers across the enterprise.

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Executive Opinion

Founder and CEO, Domo, Josh James, said, “As organizations look to leverage more advanced analytics on their data, the ability to perform data science functions quickly, accurately and securely is becoming increasingly important in maintaining a competitive edge. Our Data Science Suite leverages the power and scale of the Domo platform to enable more areas of the business to benefit from advanced analytics in guiding impactful business decisions. Through our Data Science Action Tiles and Data Science Consulting Services, we’re reducing the learning curve of basic data science analytics for customers who don’t have in-house expertise and providing guardrails to ensure success. At the same time, we’re providing customers with more advanced analytics skills the ability to perform regular data science functions without the burden of repeating many of the manual and time-consuming processes.”

Customer Opinion

Global Head of Digital, Triumph Motorcycles, Andy Jackson, said, “Our data scientists use powerful and well-established tools and processes to prepare and enhance data, yet the processes are time intensive and require too much time moving data back and forth, rather than doing the more highly valued work. As Triumph looks to leverage more predictive insights to guide our decision making, Domo’s new Data Science Solution empowers our data scientists to do their jobs more quickly to help our business stay competitive.”

Domo’s new Data Science Suite is available as a centrally deployed solution through the Domo platform.


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