Docker Desktop Enterprise edition Announced, Strengthens its Enterprise Position

Docker Desktop Enterprise edition announced

Docker, at its European user conference, has announced its enterprise edition for building as well as deploying container-based solutions, which now comes with enterprise-grade security.

According to the firm, it is the easiest, fastest and most secure way for delivery of production-ready containerized apps. Developed for both Windows and Mac, developers can adhere to corporate standards and practices while rapidly and securely delivering apps from development to production.

Docker's solution is designed to enhance productivity features which make it easy to use containerized apps independent of the framework, language used or the development process. The current iterations of available softwares do not allow to sync the production environments and application architectures, thus increasing the time for software deployment.

Chief Product Officer at Docker, Scott Johnston, said, “The success of Docker Desktop among developers has been that it is the best and easiest way to run a Docker Engine and tooling with popular orchestrators like Kubernetes. Customers came to us because they wanted a way to scale Docker Desktop across an enterprise-class environment with the additional security, standardization, and management needed for delivering applications across the dev to ops lifecycle. Docker Desktop Enterprise enables an organization to address corporate standards while providing an environment that fosters developer productivity.”

With almost 1.4 million daily users, Docker's Desktop Enterprise Edition simplifies solution's to various problems by reducing complexity all the while providing powerful functionalities in the form of Docker Engine with Swarm and Kubernetes. The installation is pretty minimal and requires no additional setup.

You can also auto-generate Docker artifacts or use the Docker CLI with various tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, etc. Docker's Enterprise solution can also reliably and securely create a model using pre-approved templates which can integrate with its access control and image verification tools.

Using MSI and PKG formats, the Enterprise solution. can configure, deploy and manage across distributed developer team with preferred endpoint management tools. With Kubernetes and Docker-engine built in, it can easily swap version packs which instantly replicate production environment configs on the local desktop.

This will enable users to synchronize the desktop development environment with same Kubernetes and Docket API versions used in the production process.

With Docker Desktop Enterprise, organizations can reduce developer friction and compatibility issues and accelerate time-to-production with fully compatible production-ready environments.

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