Blockchain, Machine Learning and Data Science Jobs in Top 2018 LinkedIn’s US Emerging Jobs Report

In LinkedIn's 2018 US Emerging Jobs Report, Blockchain, Machine learning, and Data science positions are have topped the list. Blockchain position has been a new addition to the report as compared to the last year. This is despite the slowdown in the crypto market and layoffs happening across the crypto industry.

The report quoted, "Only time will tell if blockchain will be a long-standing trend in the job market, but take note of the jobs that are on both this year’s and last year’s Emerging Jobs lists: Machine Learning Engineer, Assurance Staff, and Sales Development Representative. These roles cover a variety of business functions and skills, and are here to stay."

Growth Areas

The Blockchain developer demand has surged 33 percent in 2018 over the previous year.
The top Blockchain skills in demand are Solidity, Node.js and demand is growing in areas like San Francisco, New York City, Atlanta. IBM, ConsenSys, and Chainyard are top recruiters.

Both Machine Learning Engineers and Machine Learning Researchers witnessed over 12 percent and 4 percent growth over the previous year. Python Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Apache Spark, R, Spark, Natural Language Processing are the top skills required for these jobs. Notably, Apple, Intel, NVIDIA and Amazon are the top recruiters for machine engineers jobs. The top US cities for these jobs are San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Atlanta, New York City and Los Angeles.

The next category which is still on the chart is Data Science Specialists and Data Science Managers, each witnessing 5 percent and 4 percent growth respectively as compared to last year. The top skill required for these positions are Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, R, Apache Spark with most of the recruitment coming from IBM, Facebook, McKinsey & Company, Capital One, and Microsoft. The top cities where Data science witness such a growth are New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

To summarize the whole report in brief

Top Five Emerging Jobs
  • Blockchain Developer with 33x growth
  • Machine Learning Engineer with 12x growth
  • Application Sales Executive with 8x growth
  • Machine Learning Specialist with 6x growth

Top Five In-Demand Skills with Biggest Skills Gap
  • Oral Communications
  • People Management
  • Social Media
  • Development Tools
  • Business Management
Though it blockchain jobs have topped the list, the enterprise usages of blockchain yet to pick up. However, the trend for machine learning and data science jobs is consistent from the previous year. It is also important to note that the 2018 report did not mention any kind of cloud computing trends. This is obvious considering cloud infrastructure has now formed itself as a basic requirement for all kinds of development. Cloud is now being treated as Operating System for all technological needs. In fact, most of the tools, technologies, and services required for Blockchain, Machine learning, IoT and other data science jobs are available through cloud environment.

The detailed 2018 Linked's US Emerging Jobs report can be accessed here while the previous year report is available here.

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