Blockchain Enables SP Jain School of Global Management to Simplify Certificate Verification

Blockchain Enables SP Jain School of Global Management to Simplify Certificate Verification

SP Jain School of Global Management announced the issuance of blockchain-enabled certificates for its professional courses. The school is ranked #16 on Forbes list for the best international MBA program.

Claimed to be the first B-School in the world, certificates are issued on Ethereum platform. According to the announcement, a total of 1,189 blockchain-based certificates are live on Ethereum blockchain. Employers, companies, and students can validate the authenticity of certificates by scanning QR code printed on the certificate. This process simplifies student's credentials and projects verification without involving an institution in the process and further prevent fraud.

By putting Digital academic credentials on any decentralized blockchain platform and with the help of strong cryptography mechanism, the traceability, shareability, verifiability, and accessibility of achievements and professional certifications is possible in a tamper-proof manner.

Created in partnership with Smart-Sense Consulting Solutions, the intelligent custom smart contract allows SP Jain School of Global Management to issue certificates, link students’ portfolio and projects, link students’ transcript and other documents, track its verification/use and control revocation list, the announcement states further.

Executive Opinion

President of SP Jain School of Global Management, Nitish Jain, said, “Digital certificates are the future. There have been various attempts globally to issue certificates on the blockchain. But so far no one has captured the complete lifecycle of the certification. Students’ attendance and other private data are securely stored in the school’s private blockchain and only the certification related data is exposed to the public Ethereum blockchain. The future is now. It’s either change or perish.”

Director of the Fintech Program at SP Jain Global, Vikram Pandya,  said, "We are at the crossroads of a major digital upheaval. Right from shopping to banking, we are going the digital way, it is therefore natural to digitise all significant documents in the near future. By scanning the smart QR code printed on the certificate, anyone can validate the certificate without requiring any additional software or application.”

Blockchain for Educational Credentials

There are many blockchain projects that allow student or project credentials and their authenticity verifications on the blockchain

IndiaChain, a part of IndiaStack is also conducting trials of digital certification of education degrees issued using the distributed ledger technology starting with batches graduating in 2019. The trials will be done with the help of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and colleges under the Delhi University, according to Factordaily report.

Digital Certificates Project is a Media Lab Learning Initiative and Learning Machine, builds an ecosystem for creating, sharing, and verifying blockchain-based educational certificates. Digital certificates are registered on the Bitcoin blockchain, cryptographically signed, and tamper proof.

University of Birmingham's BTCerts uses decentralized blockchain platform to authenticate academic credentials. Using digital receipt it allows immediate verification by third parties. BTCerts uses blockchain and cryptographic technologies to create a certification infrastructure based on the blockcerts standard.

Sapiens Platform is a decentralized Blockchain-based Platform for certification and reputation system with an integrated courses marketplace. It aims to be an open-source blockchain-based protocol for handling every aspect of academic career and professional certificates systems.

Though the cryptocurrency markets are going south, the underlying distributed technology of blockchain is promising. Organizations, enterprises, and governments have not only understood the benefits of blockchain tech but also started implementing it in our daily lives. 

Soon the implementation of blockchain technology in our day-to-day affairs will become as regular as smartphones we use.


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