Asia Witnesses 135% Jump in Cloud Usages Since March 2018

Cloud Native Computing Foundation, with the aim to enable cloud portability without vendor lock-in, conducts its bi-annual cloud-native survey in Asia. The results were declared last month and we have summarized the readings from this survey.

CNCF has a total of 42 members across China, Japan, and South Korea. Among these members are Alibaba Cloud, Fujitsu, Huawei, and

Survey Highlights

Key Takeaways from CNCF cloud-native survey in Asia are:

  1. In Asia, the growth of 135% is witnessed in public and private clouds usages since March 2018
  2. There is a 48% drop in on-premise cloud usages
  3. Home-grown container management solutions usages are up by 690% while commercial solutions up by 58%
  4.  Kubernetes usages have grown by11% in Asia.
  5. In Asia, the number of Kubernetes clusters in production is increasing. Organizations with 11-50 production clusters have increased by 154% while smaller 1-5 cluster deployments are decreased by 37%.
  6. Alibaba Cloud remains at the top position with 38% reported usages among the respondants followed by AWS usages at 24%.
  7. New environments that were not previously reported and are taking up additional market share are Huawei Cloud (13%), VMware (6%), Baidu Cloud (21%), Tencent Cloud (7%), IBM Cloud (8%), and Packet (5%).
  8. OpenStack usage down to 9% from 26% in March 2018. This downshift looks significant.
  9. Asia has 100% growth in serverless technology usages with 29% of respondents using installable software and 21% using a hosted platform.
  10. Apache OpenWhisk is the most popular with 11% usages for installable serverless platforms. Other platforms followed are Dispatch (6%), FN (5%) and OpenFaaS, Kubeless, and Fission tied at 4%.
  11. AWS Lambda is the stands at 11% with hosted platform usages. Other hosted platforms are Azure Functions (8%), and Alibaba Cloud Compute Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and Cloudflare Functions tied at 7%.

The details of the CNCF cloud-native survey are available here.

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