Ministry of Community Development, UAE Adopts ProximaX Sirius Blockchain Platform

The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) of the United Arab Emirates announced that they have rolled out a Proof of Concept - PoC, powered by the ProximaX Sirius blockchain platform solution.

The ProximaX Sirus Blockchain is decentralized platform promises to be an all-in-one platform for cross-industry application and DApp development. It is headed by Lon Wong, the president of the Foundation. It has NEM inspired blockchain layer at its core, a decentralized storage layer through IPFS, and a P2P multimedia streaming and messaging layer powered by PeerStream Protocol (PSP). The ProximaX Sirius platform consists of a Distributed File Management System, a work collaboration module, and an enterprise version of the NEM Catapult private chain solution.

ProximaX and NEM Foundation jointly worked on the solution. ProximaX provided its Sirius platform, integrated the Apostille, and completed the voting module for MOCD. The Sirius platform is also service ready for cross-ministry or department integration. This will allow other blockchain solutions to integrate with the Sirius platform through a permission-based API access.

Executive Opinion

According to Mr. Saeed Abdulla, Minister's Advisor at MOCD, "We are impressed with how the POC was completed in 2 weeks, and we are excited that with this PoC we can continue to develop and deploy solutions on the ProximaX Sirius platform. In the following months, we shall be looking at how we can improve and add more modules and applications into this platform solution. With this PoC we hope to be able to achieve our vision of becoming a blockchain-enabled government by the year 2021."

Chief Executive Officer, ProximaX Lon Wong, said, "The solution is designed for easy deployment and hence we completed this PoC deployment within 2 weeks. It is indeed a world-class production-quality enterprise solution. This is a very powerful solution because it has most of the fundamental elements of an enterprise-class platform to deploy any solution using blockchain as an underlying immutable transaction record. Coupled with other components in the system, it also allows for data transaction. All data is encrypted by default, giving rise to highly secure information and data record, and store."

Council Member of Foundation and Head of SEA Operations, Stephen Chia, said, "The Memorandum of Understanding with MOCD is a demonstration of how the foundation charter is instrumental in bringing ecosystem players together to provide the best of breed solution for the client. ProximaX has proven how easy it is to implement the NEM Catapult solution and moving forward from here, we should see more Catapult adoption in industries."

What's Next

Further enhancements to the rolled out solution are possible by adding more services to the Sirius platform such as streaming and messaging, decentralized database, and permissioning solutions. Further, the platform will enable MOCD to add more applications should there be need as a part of their blockchain initiatives.

ProximaX, through the NEM foundation, will commit and continue to support the MOCD into full deployment eventually, says the announcement.

ProximaX has recently rolled out their testnet with 5 nodes.


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