Gopher Protocol Announces MESH System Gateway Design

Gopher Protocol Announces MESH System Gateway Design

Gopher Protocol announced MESH network Gateway design, produced its electronic schematics and started its firmware integration.

Gopher Protocol is a company that specializes in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence enabled mobile technologies, including a global mesh network technology platform for both mobile and fixed solutions.

Gopher MESH network gateway is designed to communicate with NODES and other Gateways on one network, receiving/transmitting radio based payloads.

With built-in encryption sub-system for signal security and privacy, Gateways enable access and communication to the Internet along with sending and receiving data to a server backend program. The Gateway unit includes BLE (Low Power Blue Tooth), Wi-Fi and Ethernet hardwire connection. This is done to enable maximum flexibility for Internet access. The unit will work with a “rubber ducky” type of antenna for high performance.

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Payloads contain data and further processed by a backend computer program designed to communicate with a web-based interface and mobile app, both synchronized for data viewing. Backend program has security mechanisms that are integrated within the mobile app to ensure safe and secured operation. Payload data may contain a wide range of inputs including GEO location (Topographical Coordinates), time/date, altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, and more.

Gopher's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Danny Rittman, said, "We are glad to announce that we completed our MESH system's Gateway unit electronic design and produced its schematics. We are now starting its FW (Firmware) design implementation and testing. A robust MESH network depends on an efficient gateway architecture since it’s a key player within the system. With our MESH network, we expect to use only a few gateway units, placed in key topographical locations, to cover very large areas. Our gateway system is designed to provide advanced performance, security and can be used for a wide variety of MESH applications, among them are military/security, autonomous machines/robotics, and global tracking."

The Gateway unit electronic schematic has been successfully completed and the system will enter now into its testing/debugging mode by next week, the announcement said.


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