Content Marketing and AI

Content Marketing and AI

Digital marketing is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration if you want to make your business to be successful in the overcrowded internet space. The scenario is ever-evolving, with new ways of marketing popping up almost every day. AI is probably the key to improve the marketing landscape.

Though using Artificial Intelligence in marketing is something groundbreaking or even new, the way it can help the digital marketing industry get better is quite huge. It is already used in many internet applications such as Chatbots and content curation.

Since there is no limit whatsoever on the size of information artificial intelligence can study from, it is quite resourceful in the content marketing space. Understanding the public and targeting them according to their interests is what digital marketing has headed towards since the past couple of years, though this has surely raised some concerns about user privacy.

According to a study by Salesforce, around 76% of consumers expect companies to understand what they need. The first website you might have thought of when thinking about content personalization is probably Netflix. In an earlier post, we have discussed how Netflix is using AI to deliver content to its customers.

AI is something which can help companies like Netflix understand exactly what and how people want and expect from them. For example, consider Lucy, a tool which uses AI to help with various things such as research, segmentation, and planning. It can achieve, almost in a minute, what a team of marketing experts can do in months.

What Lucy does is help you answer questions based on how and what you want to know. It will just take a short amount of time and come up with an answer, irrespective of how complex the answer is. Since the number of questions a company has to solve will never recede, it is understandable how handy tools like IBM Watson's Lucy is.

Though this is not the only way you can make use of tools powered by artificial intelligence. It can also help you target your audience according to their what they are upto, without manually devising the latest trends and finding patterns between the consumer and the product.

AI is so powerful that it can also simulate various strategies, and help you see the results if you decide to implement one. It is probably the most powerful tool to make informed decisions. All this is possible since it can gobble up enormous amounts of data easily, split it up, and present it without any problems. The amount of data it can analyze is only limited by the provided computational power.

There are systems which can also help generate content using AI. Consider Associated Press, a reliable source of news in the present era. Three years ago, it published a story titled "Apple tops Street IQ forecasts", which was generated using complex algorithms powered by Automated Insights.

Even Washington Post has about 850 articles in its bag which were not written by humans but generated by robots, in just one year. Surely, the advancement in AI has changed our lives and will affect everything we do in the future.

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