Automotive Blockchain Platform for Connected Vehicle Applications Is Launched

Automotive Blockchain Platform for Connected Vehicle Applications Is Launched

Filament announced Automotive Blockchain Platform Blocklet for Trusted Vehicle Applications (TVA).

Filament claims that Blocklet TVA is the industry’s first end-to-end automotive blockchain platform. It helps and allows trusted vehicles to participate directly with blockchain, distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

According to the datasheet, the hardware component is called the Blocklet™ Universal Serial Bus (USB) Enclave. It provides host systems with secure identity and authentication services. The device installs in a standard Type A USB 2.0 host port and interfaces to a host device driver for configuration and subsequent operational services.

It also includes Filament’s Blocklet technology, cellular connectivity, environmental sensing and access to vehicle diagnostics. Hence it helps automotive, freight and transportation companies to create new, large-scale connected-vehicle services. Smart contract applications can be also built on top of a trusted blockchain foundation.

Filament’s Blocklet Kit bundles Blocklet’s software development kit (SDK) and hosted services.
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According to the announcement, Blocklet TVA includes below capabilities and included as is for ready reference.

  • The blockchain-native chipset for secure vehicle data apps and diagnostics: Ability to securely collect, attest and transact vehicle data, such as parameters from the Engine Control Unit (ECU), as recorded directly from the vehicle data bus. Connects to an OBD-II port for passenger vehicles or a J1939 port for heavy-duty vehicles and construction assets.
  • Connectivity, hosting and location services: Dedicated GPS combined with the latest LTE Cat-M1 cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for secure blockchain transactions and smart-contract processing.
  • 9-axis inertial motion sensor: Built-in 9-axis inertial sensor for recording acceleration, incline, vibration, G-forces and other detailed in-transit data on vehicle usage.
  • Built-in environmental sensors: Sensors for barometric pressure, temperature and humidity all provide context to vehicle operating conditions.
  • Hosted services provide flexible blockchain platform support: Supports BigchainDB and Ethereum as well as Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Sawtooth frameworks.

Use Cases

The possible use cases that can be implemented with Blocklet TVA include creating dynamic leasing models where blockchain technology measures and validates vehicle usage to adjust lease rates, maintaining an immutable vehicle history with cryptographically verifiable service records on blockchain (DLT), applications that help determine an accurate value of pre-owned vehicles and support for smart-contract based business logic.

Supply chain use cases such as services for vehicle components, ensuring their provenance, usage history, maintenance activity and use of genuine replacement parts are also possible.

Executive Opinion

Chief Executive Officer, Filament, Allison Clift-Jennings, said, “The Internet of Things and blockchain are a powerful combination. We believe this is especially true in the rapidly changing automotive and transportation landscape. Blockchain technology gives connected machines including passenger vehicles, long haul trucks and construction equipment, a voice of immutable truth that goes well beyond data gathering. Blocklet TVA helps corporations with connected vehicles quickly understand and tap into the potential of transparent, edge-authenticated and distributed data which will enable the next generation of intelligent mobility.”

Filament builds comprehensive enterprise blockchain systems for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). They are unveiling and demonstrating Blocklet TVA at MarketWaves18 in Grapevine, Texas this week.


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