TCS and Intel Collaborate to Secure Blockchain technology

TCS and Intel collaborate to secure Blockchain technology

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the biggest players in the IT industry all over the world, has recently announced a partnership with Intel to make Blockchain based ecosystems, which are built using the Quartz Blockchain Solution, more secure than ever.

TCS is integrating Intel's Software Guard Extensions technology, better known as Intel SGX, with their Quartz based Blockchain Solution, which will help them further enhance the security and privacy of ecosystems using the platform. The integration of Intel SGX with Quartz will enable customers to isolate their sensitive business code, data, and transactions which require some sort of security using an "enclave" in an encrypted form, which will protect them any kind of unwanted and unauthorized access.

The main concerns of organizations looking forward to using blockchain based solutions are privacy and security. “Intel processor technologies like Intel® SGX provide unique capabilities that can help improve the privacy, security, scalability, and trust of blockchain networks. Tata Consultancy Services and their Quartz key management flow process utilize Intel® SGX to help corporations protect their assets and data when deploying blockchain solutions,” said Anand Pashupathy, who is the General Manager of Security Solutions Engineering Division, Software and Services Group at Intel.

R Vivekanand, who is the Vice President and Co-Head of Financial Solutions at TCS, stated, “Central to TCS’ Business 4.0 framework is the use of technology to leverage ecosystems and to harness abundance. Quartz blockchain is a key enabler for this strategy. Even a single security incident can cause loss of trust and deter the adoption of the blockchain. The integration of TCS Quartz with Intel® SGX strengthens security and helps in mitigating these concerns so that customers can fully realize the potential offered by our blockchain solutions.”

This announcement helped the TCS share gain one percent in the share market.

The latest partnership between the two technology giants is not something new for the IT industry. Both the companies started out in 1968, with 2018 marking 50 years of their existence. They have been closely working with each other on various technologies such as high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and Internet-of-Things, which are helping businesses and customers all over the world to transform their businesses in an unimaginable way.

TCS and Intel have already invested in India and the US to help develop Centres of Excellence (CoE), which will prove to be hubs for future data center technologies, IoT and will provide cloud-ready network architectures.

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