Blockchain based App for Car Ownership is launched

Blockchain based App, Vehicle Passport, for Car Ownership is launched

SHIFTMobility announced today release of its Vehicle Passport, the Industry’s First Blockchain Application for Car Ownership that Delivers Rewards for Every Mile Driven.

SHIFTMobility is Automotive Cloud Platform. It integrates parts manufacturers, distributors, repair centers, and vehicles to securely drive industry connectivity and mobile commerce with blockchain.

The purpose of Vehicle Passport is to create digital identities of any vehicle and can be used to track vehicle service history, transactions, and its real-time events. Vehicle sales deed, title, insurance, proof of ownership and receipts, and other transactions can easily be made available to dealerships and service centers. If the car owners visit any of the service centers on the SHIFTMobility Network, vehicle records are automatically available on the blockchain for easy access. Consumers can also easily order and pay for replacement parts and services for using SHIFTMobility Auton digital tokens.

SHIFTMobility Launches Vehicle Passport

As per the SHIFMobilty whitepaper, When a customer purchases a vehicle, the staff at the dealership scan the VIN and enroll basic owner information. Once done, an AutOn utility token is issued to the customer and delivered directly to their personal wallet. These tokens can be used for services or vehicle and parts purchases at the dealership.  Additional tokens can be issued to customer accounts when they make additional purchases, schedule a service, respond to promotions, and other event
triggers. Customer accounts would automatically be debited with AutoOn tokens once redeemed. This incentive model allows customers to retain tokens for future services at the facility or even transfer them to the new owner.

Managing Director, Modi Group, Nidhi Modi said, “As dealership incentive spending hits record levels, optimization has never been more critical. Managing incentive plans is difficult enough with one dealership, so to tackle our multiple stores and over two million vehicles, we needed a solution capable of scaling with our growth while simultaneously delivering the insight necessary to seize the advantage. We look forward to working with SHIFTMobility as we roll out its blockchain-powered Vehicle Passport to all our locations. Not only will the app deliver the corporate intelligence we need, but our customers will benefit from a unique, streamlined experience from vehicle purchase and service to upgrade.”

The announcement further said that Vehicle Passport empowers businesses and customers to engage with one another in a transparent and trustworthy manner from the time of vehicle purchase through its maintenance lifecycle.

CarVerticle is another such platform that helps customers store vehicle specific information on the blockchain.


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