Rigado Announces IoT Edge-as-a-Service for Smart Workplace Solutions

Rigado Announces IoT Edge-as-a-Service for Smart Workplace Solutions

Rigado Inc. announced that it has integrated its IoT (Internet Of Things) edge infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to support the deployment of Smart Workplace solutions. Commercial real estate operators are increasingly looking to develop Smart Workplace solutions for enhanced employee experiences and efficacy in the workplace. The joint solution already provides IoT data in technically advanced buildings like the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, the announcement said.

Chief Executive Officer at Rigado Ben Corrado said, “Smart buildings hold a lot of promise. By bringing multiple siloed systems under a single IoT platform, operators will be able to increase building efficiency, provide an optimized employee environment, cut operating costs and increase the quality of life for tenants. Yet, creating an infrastructure that supports these smart strategies can be a challenge. That's why we're excited to provide the IoT edge infrastructure in the Azure ecosystem that makes it quicker and easier for organizations to create IoT based services -- and business value -- for their customers.”

Rigado was founded in 2010 and headquartered in Portland and Salem, Oregon. Its edge solutions power more than 300 global customers and 5 million connected devices across Commercial IoT solutions. IoT solutions include Asset Tracking, Smart Lighting, and Sensing and Monitoring in markets like Smart Workplaces, and Connected Retail and Logistics.

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Microsoft Azure Digital Twins is a new service. Azure Digital Twins enables IoT (Internet Of Things) service and solution providers to easily build their own applications for smart buildings and smart spaces. Rigado Cascade feeds into Azure Digital Twins.  It provides connectivity to a wide variety of sensors and building systems. It also provides a secure and scalable edge computing platform at Commercial IoT scale. Rigado Cascade integration with Azure Digital Twins solutions can further support use cases such as smart hospitals, sporting venues, retail, warehouses, and more.

Group Program Manager, Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp, Bert Van Hoof, said, “By connecting Rigado's intelligent edge to Azure Digital Twins, companies can quickly develop and deploy next-generation IoT solutions. Through the ‘digital twin’ - a virtual model of people, spaces and devices, organizations can start to track, optimize, simulate and predict. Easy to create, scale and manage, these solutions will help organizations analyze how their space is used and optimize it to better serve people’s needs at every level—from energy efficiency to employee satisfaction and productivity.”

Powering Smart Workplace Solutions
Rigado Cascade empowers the smart building manufacturer and integrator to quickly develop and deploy highly scalable architectures. Cascade Edge-as-a-Service is a secure edge computing platform. It is ideal for Smart Building solutions that require local control and edge data processing. Rigado claims that its Cascade platform can help smart building teams are able to significantly decrease upfront costs, reduce security and financial risk and speed time to market -- often by six to nine months. As a result, smart building operators are able to more quickly realize bottom-line impacting benefits such as the ability to more quickly attain new leasing customers, grow tenant satisfaction and loyalty, and maximize the revenue potential of every square foot.


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