NXP brings solution to Deliver Secure Connections to Google Cloud IoT Core

 NXP brings solution to Deliver Secure Connections to Google Cloud IoT Core

NXP Semiconductors launched a solution for secure, scalable connections of devices using NXP’s A71CH to Google IoT Cloud.  Collaboration brings “zero-touch” onboarding of devices to Google Cloud IoT with NXP A71CH, Plug & Trust Secure Element

NXP’s A71CH is a trust anchor, ready-to-use security solution. It is designed for integration into next-generation IoT devices, such as edge nodes and gateways.

Once embedded into the device, the chip would sign a secure token and validates itself with Google IoT cor. This will allow peer-to-peer cloud connections with private credentials pre-injected for autonomous cloud onboarding and authentication.

Head of Product, Cloud IoT at Google, Antony Passemard, said, “Security is a critical concern that must be top of mind when deploying and managing IoT devices that connect to the cloud.  This solution makes it easy for developers to add a strong identity encryption and access control. We’re happy to work with NXP, a recognized industry leader in IoT and security, to simplify development of IoT devices with embedded security.”

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Senior director and general manager of IoT security solutions at NXP, said, “Security-by-design is key to unlocking the next wave of IoT device connections.  Our solution aims to solve scalability and complexity issues commonly associated with securing and managing edge devices. We’re happy to see Google Cloud embrace and encourage security in next-generation devices."

The announcement also briefly explains the process of cloud onboarding with NXP A7CH. To automate the process of cloud onboarding, device credentials are pre-injected into an A71CH and public keys are delivered to the customer via an NXP web interface thereby eliminating the need for complex, costly OEM configuration processes. Injection of device credentials can be made at the NXP secure manufacturing facilities or through NXP approved programming partners.

More information about NXP's A71CH can be found here.


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