Blockchain Powered Real Estate Platform announced

Blockchain Powered Real Estate Platform announced

Block Estates announced the world's first comprehensive blockchain powered real estate platform. The platform will help build a diverse portfolio of real estate around the world with the help of crypto and fiat currencies. The Block Estate's real estate platform will leverage secure blockchain technology and smart contracts boosting the confidence in the platform.

Investors need to purchase Block Estates ERC20 complaint security tokens. The security token will help investors to enjoy benefits such as income, profit sharing, and potentially token price appreciation notes the announcement.

Rob Tomkins, Cofounder, and Co-Chief Operating Officer stated, all of this can be done whilst maintaining the best safeguards available. “All of this can be done whilst maintaining the best safeguards available”

The purpose of Block Estate's blockchain based real estate platform is to create a business model that provides a frictionless, borderless and efficient system to facilitate a wide range of real estate related services. The transactions between parties will be undertaken in real time whilst utilizing a safe and secure system.
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The announcement said that the development of the platform will occur over three phases. Phase 1 is in the advanced stage as of September 2018. The beta launch is planned in late 2018 that will allow basic investment features. Phase 2 and 3 will further expand platform functionality and will facilitate a diverse range of services. The real estate services include asset investment, management, trading, and monitoring. Block Estates plans to achieve these goals development of a proprietary blockchain platform.

To become the global leader in real estate blockchain market, further value-additions to the platform will be brought with the help of intorduction of veritical tokensized services and additional investment to enchance existing service offerings.


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