AlphaPoint offers Crypto Indexes and Technology to Create Smart Baskets

AlphaPoint offers Crypto Indexes and Technology to Create Smart Baskets

Alphapoint announced the launch of Alphapoint Indexes available via intraday feeds and updated in real time. The indexes will be rebalanced on a quarterly basis and constituent details, construction, calculation, and rebalancing rules will follow current industry best practices, claims the announcement.

Alphapoint helps instituitons to digitize assets and operate those digital asset exchanges globally. AlphaPoint Indexes represent the statistical performance of the broadest sector of cryptocurrency markets.  The AlphaPoint Smart Basket functionality further extends the company’s technology leadership in offering digitization and white-label digital asset exchange platforms.

The Alphapoint indexes will infer high valued and liquid cryptocurrencies.

AlphaPoint Leaders Index (APLDRS): comprises the largest 8-15 tokens covering approximately 80% of the global cryptocurrency market capitalization. APLDRS will reflect the highest valued crypto assets.

AlphaPoint Fast Movers Index (APFMRS) comprises the top 8-15 tokens by trading volume, covering approximately 80% of global cryptocurrency market volume. APFMRS will reflect the most liquid crypto assets.

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This will help benchmark the performance of the digital asset. Alphapoint will also enable exchange operators to offer additonal products to investors using AlphaPoint Exchange product.  The performance of the underlying AlphaPoint Indexes will be leveraged as a part of such offerings. The AlphaPoint Smart Baskets framework will create a token that mirrors the performance of the underlying AlphaPoint Index. It will do so by automating the simultaneous purchase (bid) or sale (offer) of the net group of cryptocurrencies in the licensed index. Investors, in turn, will be able to actively take broad positions in cryptocurrency markets as a whole, while passively rebalancing their portfolios through the APEX automation process.

AlphaPoint Chief Executive Officer, Salil Donde said, “We are excited to offer a transparent, rules-based index which we believe will become the definitive benchmark in the industry. AlphaPoint’s network of customer exchanges is unrivaled and offering data-enabled tools is the next logical arena where we can help institutions drive additional liquidity. Just like our asset digitization and exchange technology, our data-enabled tools will create opportunities for institutions to offer new products and ultimately, for crypto and digital assets to be accessible to a wider set of industry participants.”

Chief Executive Officer, Einstein Exchange, Michael Gokturk said, “We are glad to have selected AlphaPoint originally for our exchange technology and we are enthusiastic about the launch of the AlphaPoint Indexes, from which we will create investable Smart Basket products that broaden the investment options of our customers. Our customers will benefit from the ability to easily invest in these products via credit card,”

In brief, Einstein Exchange is Canada's largest digital currency exchange and the only digital currency platform that enables unlimited credit card funding for customers worldwide.

Many firms, including DQR and Einstein Exchange, have agreed to partner with AlphaPoint on both the indexes and Smart Basket framework.


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