AlphaNetworks Raises $10 Million to build Blockchain Enabled Global Media Platform

AlphaNetworks Raises $10 Million to build Blockchain Enabled Global Media Platform

AlphaNetworks has secured USD $10 million of initial funding. The funding round is led by Alphabit Digital Currency Fund and joined by Shuttle Fund of Korea, Smart Contract of Japan and other major crypto investors. This announcement was made as part of AlphaNetworks’ appearance on the closing keynote panel of the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam, the premier annual event for broadcast professionals worldwide.

AlphaNetworks is a blockchain-powered entertainment platform supported by industry-leading AI and cognitive science and dedicated to building the infrastructure of the next era of media.

AlphaNetworks combines subscription VOD, targeted advertising, and pay-per-view business models. It allows complete pricing freedom for creators and media companies. The AlphaNetworks platform offers AI-powered audience analytics, blockchain-based transparency and increased monetization for creators and media companies based on on a transparent, viewership-based algorithm.

Television Academy Governor and media consultant, Seth Shapiro leads the AlphaNetworks. As Head of Production at DIRECTV Advanced Services, Seth launched over 25 services, including NFL Sunday Ticket Interactive and TiVo by DIRECTV, the world’s first major DVR platform.

Alphabit Fund Chief Executive Officer, Liam Robertson said, “We are incredibly proud of the industry-leading expertise of the AlphaNetworks team, and their incredible roadmap for building the next generation of media infrastructure on the blockchain”.
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AlphaNetworks Proof of Engagement (PoE) algorithm tracks interactions between consumers, advertisers, and content. It means more transparent insights into audience behaviors, which means improved curation for viewers, fair compensation for creators, to all stakeholders. Targeted advertising—all tracked and authenticated on the blockchain.

Founder and CEO of AlphaNetworks, Seth Shapiro, said, “It's fashionable to talk about how much the media business is being disrupted—as if this was something new. The truth is the media business has always been disrupted by new technology— from broadcast to cable, and cable to broadband. The next era of media will be defined by forces like blockchain and distributed ledger technology, AI and cognitive science, which will unleash unprecedented opportunities for creators, consumers, and advertisers. We’re proud to be a part of this next wave.”

AlphaNetworks is expected to launch in Q2 2019.


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