Sovrin Foundation, promoter of Self- Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Trust, Named Top Blockchain Company

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The Sovrin Foundation has been named a top infrastructure builder in the One World Identity (OWI) report aka whitepaper named “Blockchain and Identity in 2018: A Year of Promise and Pilots.".

The white paper, which is currently available for free download, has penned down a review for the state of blockchain for an identity for the second quarter of 2018. The paper also highlights 18 companies and organizations with thirteen featured companies and five up-and-coming companies to watch in the blockchain identity landscape, according to the announcement.

One World Identity (OWI) is an independent advisory firm focused on trust and data economy. It is a research and strategy company focused on cybersecurity, digital commerce, and risk management.
The Sovrin Foundation is an international non-profit with the mission to promote self-sovereign identity online.

The key observations in the report are:

  • Blockchain-based project investment has crossed the 2017 totals through the hysteria around blockchain technology and related projects have subsided
  • In 2019, enterprises will be thoughtful with their investment in blockchain due to regulatory landscape and due to better insights into their business needs.
  • Investors are now more educated about cryptocurrencies, wider applications of distributed ledger technologies and differentiation among these. This does not stop the investment levels in the blockchain project and organizations from maintaining its upward trend. Logo

The Sovrin Network is an open source, public-service utility enabling self-sovereign identity on the internet. Based on a purpose-built, public-permissioned ledger to support self-sovereign identity, Sovrin’s infrastructure adds the capability to manage identifiers, keys, and credentials as a complete and easy to use decentralized identity system. The Sovrin Network is operated by independent Stewards. It uses the power of a hybrid distributed ledger as a fast, private, and secure framework for giving every person, organization, and thing the ability to own and control their own secure, permanent digital identity.

Executive Director of the Sovrin Foundation, Heather C. Dahl said, “The Sovrin Foundation is thrilled to be named among the top blockchain identity pilots of 2018 by OWI. The Sovrin Network provides a complete approach to identity from the distributed ledger to the device. As an infrastructure provider in the blockchain space, developers using Sovrin are free to provide creative solutions to many of the market’s toughest identity related problems.”

“In the past year, we’ve seen the market start to grapple with exactly the kinds of questions we see as critical to blockchain development in the identity space. Solutions are beginning to coalesce around a more defined set of identity use cases, with governance structures designed with targeted functionalities and regulatory concerns in mind,” added Travis Jarae, CEO of OWI.

Sovrin white-paper is available for download at
The full report by One World Identity (OWI) is available for download here.

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