Game Platform leveraging customized EOS blockchain is launched

Game Platform leveraging customized EOS blockchain is launched

GXCWorld announced the launch of game blockchain technology suite aiming to disrupt the video game industry.  GXCWorld is a Seoul, South Korea based technology-driven blockchain developer and game cryptocurrency exchange partnering with game developers including Neowiz and XLGame.

The suite consists of the betanet for core blockchain “GXC”, cryptocurrency storage service “GXC Wallet”, a game cryptocurrency exchange “GXC DEX” and 3 demo games. The announcement said that GXC can handle 5000 transactions per seconds claiming it to be ready for real-world gaming applications.

The demo game specifically highlights the capabilities to game developers on how blockchain enabled games can be built with the help of GXC. It also shows about collecting cryptocurrency from game players and how to trade the cryptocurrency with other game players.

The blockchain network is a highly customized version of EOS based blockchain built specifically for GSXworld.

CTO of GXCWorld, Jin Yang said, the “We have modified EOS to improve blockchain governance, resource distribution and the formation of block producers,”

The CEO at GXCWorld, Kai Kim said, “With GXC, game developers can transform any game title into a cryptocurrency-enabled game. This beta launching is the beginning of our effort. We are creating a decentralized game platform where game players can enjoy game contents as well as make money. This paradigm shift introduces a new way of enjoying video games.”

The announcement further added that Gangseok Kim, the co-founder of Bluehole, a global game developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, recently joined GXCWorld as their strategic advisor.

The demo and whitepaper can be found on Game X Coin Website:

Apparently, XAYA and BitGuild are another two gaming platforms leveraging blockchain technologies at its core.

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