“Serve” Protocol To Decentralize All Delivery Services

“Serve” Protocol To Decentralize All Delivery Services

Serve, a blockchain logistics company launched its blockchain protocol. It is aimed at shifting the delivery and distribution landscape by decentralizing distribution of all services.

Serve plans to achieve 40 percent reduction in transaction cost by removing the middleman and enable on-demand delivery of products and services. The Serve ecosystem and ‘SRV’ token enable peer-to-peer or business-to-consumer delivery services with transparent, accountable and low fee transactions, according to the announcement.

The serve protocol will allow users to buy goods and services directly from enterprises with lower transaction costs, means only delivery charges. Businesses will create their profile and then validated by users with the help of blockchain technology. Users are incentivized by their community contributions in terms of validated reviews, submitting content and visiting the locations.

Serve will help small vendors and independent service providers by allowing them to deliver their services through one single software platform. Serve also helps in cutting costs for logistics companies. This will, in turn, allow users or consumers to access products and services with lower costs.

Serve Platform Economics
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CEO of Serve, Shahan Ohanessian said, “Some of today’s biggest delivery services are overcharging both merchants and consumers for what should be a convenient service; however, the inconvenient truth is that without decentralization, the middleman profits more than the merchant at the expense of the consumer. Serve aims to address problems plaguing the current shared economy, such as platform fees as high as 40 percent, low accountability, limited service areas and competition for SMEs from big businesses.”

Serve Token will facilitate transactions and incentivize users to validate quality service during pickups and deliveries. The use of blockchain technology brings obvious advantages such as improved transference and efficiency in the supply chain and order processes.

Serve plans to introduce its smart contracts, wallet, pilot program, and token ecosystem in a number of markets in the coming months, the announcement said.

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