Bloombase Announces StoreSafe for VMware Cloud on AWS

Bloombase Announces StoreSafe for VMware Cloud on AWS

Bloombase announced StoreSafe, a turnkey data-at-rest encryption security solution to help meet GDPR, is now available for VMware Cloud on AWS customers.

VMware Cloud on AWS is the best possible mix of VMware's software-defined data center technologies and AWS's elastic, bare-metal infrastructure. VMware Cloud on AWS helps organizations with consistent operating model and application mobility for the private and public cloud. The VMWare Cloud of AWS partners allows customers to use their trusted solutions for the public as well as private clouds seamlessly. VMware simplifies the deployment and eliminates the need for partners to refactor solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS. This means that the partner's solution that works on existing vSphere environment will work in same fashion in VMware Cloud on AWS, said the announcement.

Bloombase, the next-generation data security company, today announced StoreSafe is available to customers of VMware Cloud™ on AWS.

Bloombase StoreSafe provides end-to-end encryption to applications through its Virtual Appliance. The StoreSafe virtual appliance works as storage proxy to trusted application hosts. It seamlessly encrypts the data while writing and decrypts the data while reading. This eliminates the need for any proprietary hardware, expensive software upgrades and works across multiple data-center technologies. This makes Bloombase StoreSafe turnkey, application-transparent, high performance unified stored data encryption solution that works with expansive reach over heterogeneous network storage protocols for on-premises VMware vSphere and off-premises VMware Cloud on AWS, notes the announcement.

With its scalable and flexible secure data services, Bloombase's software-defined architecture is future-proofed to meet infrastructure changes for hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), private and public cloud. Bloombase solution secures vSAN-backed datastores as well as cloud storage services including Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Block Store (EBS). It leveraging Amazon CloudHSM for centralized key management.

The Bloombase solution enables organizations to meet GDPR and other regulatory compliance immediately and effectively.

CEO at Bloombase, Sean Xiang said, "Organizational customers are seeking total data security solutions that are open in standard, turnkey, and embrace true value-added technology for longevity. The Bloombase storage security solution for VMware Cloud on AWS addresses intensifying cyberattack challenges and supports evolving data center transformations."

Director at Technology Alliance Partner Program, VMware, Kristen Edwards said, "VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud offering that gives customers the SDDC experience from the leader in private cloud, running on the leading public cloud provider, AWS. Solutions such as Bloombase StoreSafe enable IT, teams, to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and create operational consistency across cloud environments. We're excited to work with partners such as Bloombase to enhance native VMware Cloud on AWS capabilities and empower customers with flexibility and choice in solutions that can drive business value."

Bloombase solution for VMware Cloud on AWS is available at VMware Solution Exchange Marketplace:


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