Blockchain-Based Rendering Platform, RNDR is reality now

Blockchain-Based Rendering Platform, RNDR is reality now
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Cloud-based graphics rendering firm OTOY has launched blockchain based rendering platform, RNDR.

Rendering is the automatic process by which computer programs generate photorealistic or non-photorealistic images from a 2D or 3D model. OTOY is offering rendering services that are 40 times faster than the ones processed by CPU’s through OctaneRender. Also, OTOY’s premier cloud rendering service, Octane Render Cloud (ORC) allowed users to access remote GPU power and RNDR platform is a decentralized version of ORC.

The Render Token (RNDR) platform currently powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The platform leverages a distributed network of idea GUPs across its peer-to-peer network. RNDR allows to its users to scale rendering speed and simplify the transactional process of rendering and streaming virtual reality (VR) 3D environments, models, and objects much easier than ever before. RNDR brings the power of GPU computes into a decentralized economy of connected 3D assets.

RNDR already announced their partnerships with blockchain developers zeppelin_os and Decentraland and notable players such as Hollywood director and producer J.J. Abrams, founder of Brave and Basic Attention Token Brendan Eich, and famed talent agent Ari Emanuel are on their advisory board. Zeppelin_os is an open-source, distributed platform of tools and services on top of the EVM to develop and manage smart contract applications securely. The platform is maintained and governed by a community where everything will be on chain including upgradeable contracts, a governance platform, scaling solutions and more. On the other hand, Decentraland is building a platform optimized for the creation, hosting, and sharing of new and unique digital content.

CEO of OTOY, Jules Urbach, said, “Content creation is moving faster than ever and artistic work involving visual elements has reached a degree of detail, subtlety, and complexity that was impossible to foresee a couple of decades ago. Along with the technologies that enable stunningly realistic images, the applications of visual content continue to expand and diversify. As the growth in demand for rendering services skyrockets, there are an increasingly large amount of market segments competing for these limited resources, and the solution to that problem is what we’ve built with RNDR.” 

The Render Network helps in creating a marketplace among graphics creators and users allowing them to lend their idle GPUs to power the network.

RNDR, how does it work?
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The RNDR platform helps creators gain access to a decentralized version of OctaneRender Cloud (ORC).  Creators can choose preferences for the job including specifications around the render target, preferred resolution, number of samples, and number of frames. The RNDR platform network allows for an anonymous individual to lend their GPU to perform rendering tasks. The network incentivizes GPU power lenders with RNDR tokens with minimum information such as cryptocurrency wallet address.

Escrow accounts are used to hold payments to the creator. The RNDR tokens are held in escrow account once rendering job starts. User can watch rendering progress along with their RNDR token usage. Once rendering job finishes, frames can be downloaded and RNDR tokens are transferred.

Head of Blockchain/Project Lead of RNDR, 
Kalin Stoyanchev, said, “Currently less than 1% of the world’s GPU power is accessible to creators, leaving a huge gap of wasted idle computing power in addition to stifling innovation and prohibiting the creation of incredible complex graphics. Our goal is to have the demand covered with no expense in terms of hardware, allowing for accessible costs and the democratization of rendering resources and with today’s launch of the Render Network, we are taking a significant step toward providing access to exponentially more computing power, at a more affordable cost to creators, with the utmost security of their digital assets ownership.”  

RNDR will further expand its global partnerships and grow the platform to reach rendering-streaming through smart contracts and blockchain technology, the announcement said.

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