Blis Launches Blockchain Platform for digital advertisers and data providers

Blis Launches Blockchain Platform for digital advertisers and data providers

Blis announced a pilot platform to add transparency across the data ecosystem. Blis is the global pioneer in advanced location data technology. Blis along with proprietary technology and platform helps brands use location data to better understand consumer behavior giving advertisers access to the most accurate location events, location data, and unique devices. It is backed by Unilever, Endeit, and Beringea. Blis was focusing on transparency and exploring the blockchain platform since last year.

The digital advertising industry has an inherent need to know their audiences that likely to buy products and services. In order to achieve such customer insights, digital advertising relies on disparate datasets. However, due to changing landscape, such datasets now come with the risk of violating data privacy regulations. Hence marketers need to know the source of data-sets where it came from and to account for the performance of data relative to its costs.

The platform by Blis will run on IBM blockchain platform. It helps address industry needs around data transparency and data verification including location and demographic data.

Location and demographic data help the digital advertiser to create more targeted ads. Such geographic data also helps a digital advertiser understand more about consumer behavior. The blockchain based platform by Blis will write the source of the geographical data to the blockchain. This will help advertisers and data providers with greater confidence in the provenance of the data as data on blockchain is immutable and verified.

Unilever is helping Blis to evaluate and refine services it provides to advertisers and data providers moving forward, says the announcement.

Luis Di Como, Executive VP, Global Media, Unilever Group said, ”Unilever are committed to partnering with organizations which create better digital infrastructure. This new capability is an important step towards transparency and clarity in data provenance and compliance across our global activity”.

Greg Isbister, CEO at Blis, “We've taken an innovative approach to track geographical data for digital advertising to solve a critical problem. Combining our deep expertise with blockchain technology will allow us to deliver a new solution that will address the growing trust, accountability and transparency needs that are pressing the advertising industry”.

The Blis platform enables brands to analyze the data they are using which provides access to all data transactions, from individual apps to Wi-Fi data.

GDPR came into effect late last month and the Blis addresses concerns that companies have around compliance with data regulations globally with their integration.


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