VMware Cloud on AWS is now HIPAA compliant

VMware cloud on AWS is now HIPAA compliant

VMware Cloud on AWS completed its third-party examination for HIPPA and Business Associate Agreement is also available, as per the announcement on VMware blog.

Most of the organisations are moving their workloads to cloud environment due to obvious benefit cloud brings such as scalability, flexibility, and data access controls. Healthcare providers, insurers, and organisations are no exception to this trend. They are continuing to move parts of their IT infrastructure to the cloud and making cloud as a critical element of their IT strategies.

Healthcare organisations are looking forward to gaining the flexibility and speed to respond to changing business needs, accelerate innovation and align costs to business requirement. They also need the secure and robust environment to run their IT operations. They also want to eliminate the complexity of deploying infrastructure and day 2 operations.

This development paves the way for VMware and AWS to offer a HIPAA-compliant hybrid cloud environment for healthcare organisations. Now VMware cloud on AWS will able to run workloads with protected health information (PHI).

Recent CHIME and Becker’s Hospital Review focus groups revealed more than 63 percent of healthcare organizations have already adopted one or more clouds, citing economic and technical reasons for steadily increasing adoption. The move to replace on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based infrastructure is also supporting healthcare cost-efficiency goals by reducing data center footprints, the announcement noted.

The announcement notes that healthcare organisations using VMware environment can continue to do so without having to retrain their staff, purchase custom hardware, rewrite applications, or modify their operating model, bringing huge savings. Also, VMware cloud on AWS brings best of both VMware and AWS by providing operationally consistent and familiar way to run, manage and secure applications in a hybrid cloud. It also provides access to AWS's innovative services with robust disaster protection.

Here you can find details of current VMware on AWS offerings and general FAQ from AWS.

PC: snip from https://console.cloud.vmware.com/

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