Trend Micro offers Deep Security Smart Check to secure container images

Trend Micro offers Deep Security Smart Check to secure container images

The future of computing is moving towards hybrid clouds and containers are the key components due to obvious advantages container ecosystem offers. Applications are often packaged and deployed as containers, a sole purpose of the popularity of containers. As a part of the continuous integration and continuous deployment, CI/CD pipelines, it is challenging to ensure the security of such infrastructure and containerised applications.

Leading cybersecurity solutions company, Trend Micro Inc. has released Deep Security Smart Check, solution for containers complementing the existing Deep Security runtime container protection.

Trend Micro devised Deep Security Smart Check to scan container images before deployment to effectively identify malware and vulnerabilities. This approach helps in identifying security issues, which are often critical, well within the development lifecycle instead of identifying issues after the release of the applications or softwares.

Senior director of technology for TRC Companies, Inc., Jason Cradit said, “A key to increasing security for applications starts with building security into the continuous integration and development (CI/CD) pipeline. Trend Micro has met the requirements of development with tools that fit their environment and do not slow them down.”

To enable security automation through better integrations, Trend Micro is also offering an extensive new suite of APIs and an automation center with different resources. Trend Micro Deep Security customers use product APIs to enable continuous delivery, status monitoring, IT service management and orchestration tools integration, such as the newly launched Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes, said the announcement.

“Container platforms are enabling organizations to achieve faster software development release cycles, and they do not accept slowing down for additional security measures. All workload environments require security – container environments are no different. Their sheer volume and temporary nature can create security gaps for attackers to exploit. We can also expect that attackers who attack live server application environments will move their focus to the software build cycle, trying to deploy malware from within the built environment,” said Bill McGee, SVP, and GM of Hybrid Cloud Security at Trend Micro. 

Organizations are increasingly shifting their workloads into hybrid clouds and containers are one of the key components. Deep Security Smart Check supports the DevOps to shift towards DevSecOps. It will help continuously run CICD pipelines in a secure fashion and allow faster shipping of software. It is another example of how Trend Micro Deep Security continues to provide advanced protection and adapt to customer infrastructure change, from virtualization to public cloud, and now container environments, said the announcement.

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