Nexus Partners with Foleum, a Green Mining Alternative

Foleum has announced a partnership with Nexus. Foleum and Nexus both feel they share an important connection. The fundamental character of both companies is grounded in the spirit of benefitting the community and the wider world, being for the people, and being positive forces for creating a changing world from economic, humanitarian, and environmental aspects.

Foleum is one of the community based innovative blockchain mining project using GREEN hybrid technologies. It is the world's first hybrid wind and solar blockchain mining data center. As it is a community-based project, it becomes for individuals to get involved in GREEN blockchain mining initiative. One that is open to everyone who is willing to support the network and benefit from it. The inclusion of green technologies with blockchain helps create blockchain ecosystem that is ecologically sustainable and profitable

Nexus is the three-dimensional chain (3DC)  and advertised as next evolution of blockchain protocol. The 3DC framework uses consensus channels, transforming the blockchain into a 3D process. It is efficient, scalable and secure framework designed for greater decentralization and utilization of resources on blockchain network.  It will be implemented through the three stages of the TAO (Tritium, Amine, Obsidian) upgrades.

Nexus improvising blockchain protocol by utilizing three different consensus channels (witnessing, stake weights, and proof-of-work). All systems that work together to simultaneously verify and lock transactions into the chain and create blocks. Integrating advanced cryptography also makes the 3DC the first blockchain that is genuinely resistant to quantum attacks, empowering the world's most secure digital currency.

The 3DC implements 571-bit private keys, 1024-bit Skein, and Keccak quantum-resistant hashing algorithms. This evolving signature scheme is called as signature chains. It offers significant advantages over equivalent quantum-resistant schemes such as BLISS and Lamport signatures.

Nexus will be launching nanosatellites (CubeSats) into low Earth orbit. Nexus plans to build a ground-based support system to create an unparalleled mesh network that links the blockchain with communications technology, providing us a decentralized internet future. Nexus 3DC uses the most energy-efficient consensus system on the blockchain. Lower Level Database (LLD) helps in dynamic data retrieval, enabling the partitioning of the entire 3D blockchain across nodes thus reducing blockchain bloat.

The Nexus 3DC is the most energy-efficient consensus system to date. The company's concern for the environment and desire to minimize its carbon footprint make it a natural partner for Foleum, which will generate the majority of its own mining power with renewable resources. Foleum will provide Nexus with statistical data, environmental impact services, and other areas of work as the parameters of the Nexus project evolve, said the announcement.

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