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ZENUM Inc, Start Pilot for a world’s First, New Biometric Identification Process.

FRIBOURG, CH & LOS ANGELES, USA — ZENUM Inc. today announced it has initiated a Pilot, of a new modular multi-layer Biometric identification solution, making this the first real life pilot to test an on-site biometric scan for human body identification with no need of any other identity factor as Passports, Driver Licenses or ID cards.

“As electronic ID’s expand dramatically around the world, ZENUM is committed to developing and investing in emerging capabilities that deliver a better and more secure identification experience.”  said Emidio do Sacramento, founder and CEO, ZENUM Inc.

How It Works:

When a person scans their biometric assets on the sensors of a PoB® (Proof of Body) terminal, a comparison is performed between the body´s biometric assets and the encrypted data of the previously enrolled Biometric templates securely stored in the Blockchain, in order to anonymously authenticate the respective human body.

In a situation of an enrolment, the different encrypted 3D Biometric scans of a human body are then crossed to create a unique pattern that represents your physical ID. In addition, a citizen can create a Biometric Gesture pattern in order to create an additional layer of security when asked to share its personal data and therefore create what we can call “a Biometric password”.

The benefits of the ZENUM Biometric PoB® solution include:

Strong Security:
The biometric data is part of your body and matched with a proprietary algorithm in certified devices to ensure that a person’s data and privacy are protected. Since biometric data is unique to each individual, the combination of multiple biometric data is significantly increasing the security of the individual´s biometrical assets and aligned data.

Alternative to conventional ID: A simple authentication using your Biometric assets can be performed directly on a certified device, offering an alternative to old fashion and insecure identification assets like Passports and National ID Cards.

Your body acting has your Cold & Hot Wallet:
Hardware wallets are subject to loss, damage or being stolen. Do not to entrust any longer third-party services to secure your accounts. PoB® provides an excellent solution for those who require a high level of account security. Particularly for large or sensitive accounts, implementing a PoB® cold storage Wallet is one way to eradicate the risk of unauthorised access and maximise personal privacy. Combining PoB® Cold & Hot storage with additional layers of security, such as device encryption, can further contribute to creating a well-protected cryptocurrency reserve.

Pilot Timing & Support:

The ZENUM pilot started in May 2018 and will assess the citizen experience and technology of the ZENUM Biometric PoB® Scanner (Vein & Finger Print) in different environments, like Airports and refugee camps. ZENUM’s pilot utilizes a mix of Biometric and Blockchain proprietary technology.

For further information, please contact:

Media Relations
Sandra Perner
E-mail: media@zenumtechnologies.com

About ZENUM inc.

Humanity, Identifies with Us

ZENUM, with its Swiss roots, whose mission is to spearhead the development of biometric interaction that facilitates the convenience and integrity of the individual. Enabling the highest level of biometric security – quite simply, by leveraging decades of human identification processes.

We aim at securing the new disruptive class of human identification processes. PoB® allows government and commercial enterprises to establish trust that someone is who they claim to be. With its strong core team, unique technology platform and emerging global partnerships, ZENUM is well-positioned to immediately impact the biometrics market, being the only player in the market to provide such technologies.


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