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One of the most promising ICO of the 2018 has become a partner of BestRate

One of the most promising ICO of the 2018 has become a partner of BestRate

The new organization of cargo transportation and replacement of all traditional platforms in logistics is now available with QUASA! Get to know how to collect coins for free, QUASA bonuses and invest in ICO with fiat money!

What happens if logistics meets blockchain? The answer is clear – QUASA. It is the first open blockchain platform for cargo transportation. The platform has a simple and clear user interface – it is easy to order your transportation in few clicks, truck your cargo, and deal with documentation without any mediators and extra agents. Quasa is unique by its own smart-contract technologies and cryptocurrency QuasaCoin that helps to protect its users from extra charges and lacks in communications.

With QUASA application customers can calculate shipping costs and choose the best offer in terms of price, quality, speed and place of delivery. It is easy to receive a request for the delivery, to make an offer for the delivery of goods in the exchange of cargo, to select cargo or the cargo carrier, to view the history of the cargo transportation market, to print out the documents or send them by e-mail.

Nowadays the main round of ICO is on fire! That means 1 ETH is equal to 3000 QUA coins with 33,33% bonus!

QUASA has become a partner of BestRate that means now it is convenient to invest in ICO using any of more than 80 cryptocurrencies and even fiat directly.

Who can use the first open blockchain platform for cargo transportation?

The platform can be used by:
  • Logisticians, who will order any trucking online, compare the rates of the largest carriers online, monitor the transportation online
  • Business owners and directors, who are guaranteed to get minimum freight rates, obtain maximum transparency of freight costs, learn the final rate for any long-distance freight transportation in Russia
  • Cargo carriers, who will have a huge data of cargo owners and their deals
  • Expeditors, who are informed about the final rates of the carriers online 

Finally, free tokens are now available with QUASA. The platform announces partnership with mutchico.com that means it is easy to register and get 35 CAT tokens for viewing QUASA project information. In future, you will know about the new bonus tokens that you can accumulate and participate in any ICO.

QUASA – the world of logistics 2.0!

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