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Investments in ICO with fiat money is now real by QUASA Logistics 2.0

Investments in ICO with fiat money is now real by QUASA Logistics 2.0

One of the most worthy investments these days is crypto currency. With QUASA it is easy to make them, especially because buying QUA tokens with USD and EUR or any other crypto currency (80+ types of coins are accepted) has become real.

QUASA – the first open blockchain platform for cargo transportation is running the main round of ICO. That means 1 ETH is equal to 3000 QUA coins with 33,33% bonus!

With QUASA you can also get tokens for free. QUASA announces partnership with Mutchico Pass a simple registration and open the wallet for 35 CAT tokens for viewing QUASA project information for free. In the future, there will be information about the new bonus tokens that is accumulated and participated in any ICO.

QUASA is the first open blockchain platform for cargo transportation. It is unique by its own smart-contract technologies and crypto currency QuasaCoin that helps to protect its users from extra charges and lacks in communications. This is an innovative service that enables you to solve all the logistics difficulties.

With the help of QUASA, transportation is more convenient and simple than ever before. For the lowest price all possible problems are sorted - with document circulation, possible legal nuances and many other unpredictable surprises.

The project will help to reduce freight costs up to 20%, which will lead to a reduction in the cost of goods. Companies will be able to cut costs and expand markets for purchases and sales of products.
In the next 5 years all types of transport will be included into the system so that it will be activated in all countries with the open economy: China, India, USA, Western Europe, etc.

QUASA – the world of logistics 2.0!

Press release is issued by the company QUASA (www.quasa.io) by Morozova Kseniia , e-mail: IXsusha@yandex.ru, mob: 89119467507.  Address: 125581, Moscow, 7 flat, 8 building, 22 Festival Street

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