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This app from Odineye converts any old phone into a smart home security device for Free

This app from Odineye converts any old phone into a smart home security device for Free

Odineye Technologies is disrupting the home surveillance market. The Odineye android app allows you to use any old smartphone as a state of the art smart home security and surveillance device for free.

Odineye Technologies has launched an android app that allows users to convert any old smartphone into a state of the art home security device for free.

The company expects households to adopt this solution as its cost effective, instant, requires no special technical knowledge or expensive peripherals. Just a old smartphone with the Odineye app installed is all that is necessary. The mobile can be setup as a security device in just a single click.

The company is offering all the surveillance and monitoring features free for lifetime. Beyond the necessary home security and surveillance features there are add-on features which can be activated via the web page for a monthly subscription of just $0.89(unlimited devices). These features are motion detection, mobile DVR, low light vision, real time intrusion alerts etc.

The company promises the app to be ad-free for a pleasant user experience and hopes this initiative will be widely adopted.

Further details can be accessed on company website http://www.odineye.net or directly install the "Odineye" app from google android playstore. Playstore link


Odineye Technologies Pvt Ltd is a technology firm based in India, focussing on building advanced security and surveillance solutions using affordable and easily accessible devices

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