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BlockChain : Rethink Trust Conference built for re-engineering trust in the enterprise

BlockChain : Rethink Trust Conference built for re-engineering trust in the enterprise.

We're very excited to support and organize Rethink Trust Conference in Amsterdam!

Rethink Trust 2018 is not another blockchain expo, convention, or coiner meetup. It is a natural continuation of a successful series of By the Bay conferences that looks at the core of blockchain technology and explores its business use cases.

The conference will challenge the traditional understanding of blockchain and the corporate world by gathering top engineers, industry leaders, C-level executives, and blockchain enthusiasts who want to solidify their knowledge of the latest enterprise blockchain practices.

This year’s conference will cover topics like integration of blockchain across key industries and its adoption in various organizational systems, the properties of blockchain protocols, and the aspects of distributed systems in Big Data, IoT, and AI. The main focus of the conference is re-engineering enterprise trust networks through blockchain technology.

The event’s 3 coding workshops will cover:

— The most effective engineering practices for enterprise blockchains

— Integrating Hyperledger for distributed enterprise trust systems

— Decentralized consensus for consortiums

— Secure and correct implementation of enterprise consensus and smart contracts

— Granular private data and distributed privacy management

Join Creator of HACERA, Jonathan Levi, and his talk at Rethink Trust in Amsterdam on June 29th, as well as hear from other speakers from IBM, ING, Coinbase, Bosch, We.Trade and many others. For 15% off the ticket price, use the code:  Provectus_BRT18

Come to Amsterdam and shape a new definition of Trust using blockchain technology: https://rethinktrust.org

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